A Love Letter to My CPs

I am so grateful to have found some of the most amazing people in this writing world and so lucky to be able to call them my friends and critique partners. As this year comes to a close, and a new year begins–and as I come close to finishing my manuscript at long last, I’d like to say a few words of intense thanks, gratitude, and love to Amanda and Janella for their undying support and friendship. Now, warning, this is going to be an incredibly long and sappy post, so yeah… just letting you know in advance!!!

I was struggling hard this summer. I am not exactly sure why or what caused this, but it felt like my fire had burned out. Motivation is generally not something I struggle with. The prospect of The End is usually enough to keep me going and going and going. So it really shook me when that motivation–that fire I usually feel–seemed to vanish.

I was no longer itching to work on my story but dreading it. So badly. I told myself it was because I was working on my second draft, which is the most strenuous and difficult part of the writing process for me. It happened with my other manuscript, so I figured it was just what it was. But then I got to the third draft. And yet, still, I felt this horrible dread, this horrible feeling of not wanting to write. Every word was a tooth being pulled, every day, I would make myself sit at my computer and try and write and then hate myself because I would write eek out all of a few words in what seemed like hours, feeling like I couldn’t focus. At last, I would go to bed, trying to get myself excited about my story, wondering why I wasn’t, and all the while getting more nervous, more desperate. I felt so, so unproductive during these months and it’s the worst feeling in the world.

People would ask my how my writing was going. I would tell them it was going slowly, that I was struggling with motivation. Many writers suggested burnout to be the culprit and to take a breather. But the thing is, it didn’t feel like burnout. I had been taking breaks. In fact, the lack of motivation had me not writing for quite a while. A month. Maybe two. Maybe even longer than that. Usually when I take breaks, my brain is still whirling, stilling thinking about my characters and plot, things that I need to work on, brainstorming, etc. Usually, I’m still excited. But this time I wasn’t. I wasn’t thinking about my story at all, except for guilt that I wasn’t writing and confusion, anger, and frustration that I couldn’t seem to get my fire back.

In addition, I didn’t feel like doing anything. I didn’t feel like reading, I didn’t feel like watching any tv shows or movies, I didn’t feel like listening to any music, I didn’t feel like writing, I didn’t feel like anything. I felt blah and meh about everything–like I was in a giant everything slump.

(Now, I understand this sort of sounds like depression–but it wasn’t that. I swear 🙂 More like giant mental block of some sort. And another note: I’m not sure that it wasn’t burnout? It didn’t feel that way to me, but perhaps it was? I don’t know!)

Anyways, all of that just made me feel so much the worse because if it wasn’t burnout that was causing my lack of writing, then what could it possibly be? I had no idea and I started to grow desperate in my panic. I tried to figure out what was wrong, what the cause of my lack of motivation and excitement was and couldn’t, which drove me crazy because if I was certain that if I just knew what was causing this, I could fix it, right? I felt like something was fundamentally wrong and it drove me insane that I couldn’t figure it out.

I talked about in one of my posts that my greatest fear about writing is that I would stop. Not because it got too hard or because I wasn’t getting anywhere with it, but because I would lose my love for it. I have an obsessive, all-or-nothing personality and I’ve lost my love for things, people, activities, hobbies that I was once passionate about and that I thought would last forever. So when this happened, I started to panic thinking that I had lost my love of writing, of stories. I kept going anyway because, well, probably denial. I was like, NOPE NOPE NOPE. NOoooo way this could be.

After months of this, feeling listless and hopeless, I finally decided that enough was enough. I wrapped up my revisions on my third draft after some painfully long months and I sent it to my CPs, Janella and Amanda.

By this point, I sent my book to my friends convinced that my story was complete rubbish, broken and useless, and an utter failure. I was feeling pretty despair-y and hopeless. I kept thinking about what a mess my book was–especially the third act, and it truly felt like there was no end in sight. I was sure that this book would never, ever be close to even decent.

But when I got back notes, it revived me. I felt motivated again, excited again, determined again. I had a clear focus and I knew what I needed to do to make my story better and above all, I wanted to make my story better, I wanted to write again. Before sending it to my CPs, I knew that I still had a lot to work on. I knew some things weren’t working and that’s why for the longest time, I held off on sending my book to readers–because I knew what was wrong and I wanted to fix it before giving it to others. But ah, it turns out that I only had a vague idea of what was wrong and what to do about it. And here in lies the importance of critique partners: Janella and Amanda were able to give me specific notes and turn my attention to why something wasn’t working and really put into focus what aspects needed to be fixed. Up until this point, I had been writing and rewriting–er, basically the whole book because I knew things weren’t quite right. I was floundering by myself, trying to figure it all out. My CPs were able to give me specific things to work on and really pinpoint what was wrong. That specificity made such a difference for me. It gave me clarity. I no longer felt hopeless about my book because now I knew what to fix and how to fix it. It gave me purpose again and the sense things could be fixed. My book was not as broken as I’d believed it to be.

Unsurprisingly, after that, writing went soooooo much better.

As I near the end of my book, I feel I need to properly express my gratitude and thanks and love to these two who have supported me from the beginning. Who, by the way, also gave me so much support when I was struggling during these months. I could not have done this without you guys.

Janella, thank you for giving me so many wonderful suggestions and advice when I was going through my awful reading and writing slump. Thank you for taking the time to read my book when you were so busy and giving me such wonderful notes! Thank you for taking the time to give me invaluable advice when I needed it in regards to all things. Thank you for reading my query again and again! (QUERY QUEEN!!!! *high five emoji*) Your notes were amazing and the unwavering support and love you’ve given me has been so incredible.  Thank you for being my friend and CP!

Thank you to Amanda, who read my book not once, but twice. And not only gave the most wonderful, thoughtful, thorough, detailed notes once, but twice, and made time for my book during an especially busy time in her life. I teared up several times and almost cried at work even when I got the most lovely messages from Amanda updating me on her reading progress. (Luckily, I was by myself and not with anyone, hahaha.) Amanda, I have no words to how thankful I am for your support and wisdom. Thank you for always giving me time and answering my bajillion questions (and also for solving a problem to which I had been angsting over for over a year!!!! WOWZA!!) Thank you for all your kind words and love for me and my book. I’m truly so grateful to have you as a friend and CP!

Wow, I just wrote like an entire Oscar speech, but this was something I really needed to say, so forgive me for how long and rambling and sappy this post is, hahah.

Amanda and Janella, I mean it, truly, from the bottom of my heart, that I could not have done this without you. You guys have helped and supported me in so many ways, so many times, more than you can ever know! Thank you so much for being there for me always. My book would not be what it is without you guys and I would still be feeling like an utter failure, hahah. I feel so much better, more confident, and know that my book is that much stronger because of the help you gave me. And most importantly, because of you guys and your words of encouragement, I felt excited about my story and writing again!! THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU GUYS, I LOVE YOU!!!! ❤


It’s Levi-OHHHH-sa, Not Levio-SAAAA

So I just very, very, very recently learned that Hermione was correcting the accents on Ron’s spell in the scene where they’re learning how to make things fly. When I heard this line in Harry Potter, I thought it the quote went more like:

“It’s Levi-OH-sa, not Leviosaur!”

Because you know… Apparently my brain can’t comprehend stuff. HAAAA!!!! So here I was, all this time, thinking that this spell sounded like a dinosaur.


I recently went to Leviosa Con and thought I’d write up a post about it!

CONFESSION: My dear friend Janella (who you all probably know by now), wrote up her Leviosa post, and so, I had to write up one myself, so that I could one-up her!!! HA! Just kiddddddding!!! I COULD NEVER ONE-UP YOU, JUJUJUJUJUJUJU BEAR!!!!!! The real deal is that I was inspired to write my own post after I saw Janella’s!!!! 😀

(Okay, I did copy her title though, because it was WAAAY too good not to copy!!!! 😀 )

OH GOODNESS. I am TERRIBLE at staying on topic!!!!!!

Okay. Sooo.. Leviosa!!!!

It was sooooo much fun!!!! The best part, as always, is that I get to hang out with some of my amazing CPs/writing buddies, i.e. Maddy, Amanda, Akshaya, Axie, and Janella!!!! It’s kind of crazy the amount of silliness and goofiness and pure fun that goes on when we’re all together. But the good kind of crazy!! (I hope O__O!)

But it really was so much fun getting to meet and hang out with authors, meet new friends, and flail about Harry Potter and books in general!

Some of the crazy shenanigans that went on:

Maddy and Janella flew into SLC and we drove down to Vegas together!!! 
Obviously we had some fun times on the way down!!! 


Janella ROCKIN’ it and Amanda gettin’ down to business during one of our write seshes. 


This very creepy photo Janella took for the sake of keeping up our Snap Streak.

Having some serious fun as we sit in on some panels!! 


Amanda and I getting our Snap on with crazy eyes. 

The awesome Diversity Panel with our very own, Axie and Janella, who absolutely were AWESOME!!! (And of course, Sooz being so lovable and adorable as per her usual self!) 


A rare group photo that is not a crazy selfie. (Aks conspicuously missing… *clutchy face*!!!)

A beautiful Nevada sunset.

In which Manda Panda tries to eat Janella’s fingers. 

Me, Maddy, and–OMG PERCY WEASLEY!!!!

A distinctly uncomfortable Juju Bear.

And of course, one of THE best parts of going to cons is being able to meet your favorite, favorite author!!! SUSAN DENNARD!!!! The most amazing person in the world!!!

Roshani Chokshi, another amazing, amazing author and person. So kind and gracious and absolutely so beautiful!

Sooz killin’ it on her panel about Book Friendships!

Leviosa was such a fun experience! I got to spend ridiculous amounts of time flailing to authors that I love and chatting with some new friends! I also got to pitch to some agents, which was an incredible experience (which I may delve into further in a separate post!). I had the greatest time with my friends and while you’d think that we’d be sick of each other, we’re strangely not! I loved getting to spend endless hours with m’buddies!!!

After Leviosa ended, Janella and Maddy and I drove back up to Salt Lake, where we had another few days of mischief and mishaps together! Basically we went CRAZY and did puzzles as we watched Austenland and played with Nabi the Husky and meandered around Salt Lake City!

Just the sheer amount of power that lies within these two intense stares…

Schnuggles with Barnaby

Maddy and Janella looking oh-so-fine after our hike to Lisa Falls.


The faces that pretty sum up who we are.

Success s’mores with my CO-G, Janella!

Nabi attacking Juju Bear (but with good intentions!) 

Probably my favorite picture from Leviosa!!! The Cult as we try to take a ridiculous selfie!!!! <333333

Yay!! So that’s it for Leviosa!! Honestly, I’m not sure when the next shebang’s gonna be, but I miss these cult crazies already!! I’m not gonna lie–I PASSED out after Leviosa and definitely caught up on some very-much-needed sleep!!! It’s been nice getting back into routine and no doubt, we’ll be reunited sooner rather than later!!

Thanks for reading, guys!!! <3333

A New Direction

Hi everyone!!

So last week, I was at Leviosa Con where I got to pitch to some wonderful, wonderful agents. Pitch sessions can be nerve-wracking, but the best part of it always is being able to talk with the agents one-on-one and getting know them personally, rather than through a computer screen. It’s always such a great experience and I’m super happy with how my pitch sessions went this time around. I learned a lot from them, but most of all, I came away with very valuable advice.

One of the agents I pitched to asked me what my next project was and so I told her about one of the ideas I’ve been playing around with. It’s an idea I got about a year ago (almost exactly, funnily enough) and one of the ideas I’m most excited about. So, I was happy to hear that this agent found my idea interesting as well and in fact, said she was more interested in this new project than my current one. She gave her reasons for it, which I very much agreed with as they were things that had been running through my mind as well.

Ever since then, I’ve been thinking a lot, a lot, a lot about the advice I was given. I just couldn’t get it out of my head. It resonated with me so much.

So after much, much deliberation, I’ve decided to put Faerie Story aside and focus on my new project.

[Fun side note: Faerie Story no longer has faeries in it, but that’s a conversation for later!!]

It wasn’t an easy decision to make in that I feel like I’ve worked on Faerie Story for a long time and put a lot of effort into it and it’s not fun to give that all up. It wasn’t easy in that my pride was saying NOOOOOOO YOU CAN’T STOP NOW. It wasn’t easy in that it kind of made me sad to think about shelving a project I’ve been working on for about a year now… BUT, it was an easy decision in that I think I knew where my heart lied (laid? lay?–I never know–EEP!!!!)

The advice this agent gave to me rang very true. It was something I had always thought about, but at the time, it was more important for me to learn to revise and stay with a project than skip to a new one, no matter how excited I was about it. However, things are different now. I’m confident that I can revise a project and stick with it even when things get hard, which no doubt, they always do. I’m a little frightened by this new course I’m taking and it definitely is nerve-wracking, but in the end, I’m content with my decision and I really think I’m making the right decision for me. I’m really excited about it and it’s a story idea that I’ve loved from the very beginning–most likely my favorite idea. It’s never happy-making to abandon a project, but it’s not going to be for always. I love Faerie Story enough that I know that it is something I will go back to. It’s just not the right project for me right now.

Soooooo, onwards and upwards! I’m excited about this new direction and I’m excited to see where it will take me! It’s going to be a long journey, but I feel good about it!

Anyways, I just feel like I needed to write this post and officially get it out in the air. A kind of good-bye post to Faerie Story and hello to what I will now be referring to as Fox Story.

As always, thank you for reading my crazy ramblings!

A particular shout-out to my loveliest, bestest, wisest friend and incredible CP, Amanda, who gave me the advice I needed to get going in this new direction and, especially, for being excited about it! <33333333 It was everything I needed hear and more!!!


How Kat Nabbed her Agent Beth

IT HAS HAPPENED AGAIN!!!! Some of the best news you can get is when you hear something amazing happening to one of your writing friends! If you read my last blog post, you’ll know that at RT 2016, I got to meet some new writer friends whom I absolutely adore with all my oomph! One of those writers was KAT!!! And, yup, you guessed it… KAT IS NOW SIGNED WITH BETH PHELAN OF THE BENT AGENCY!!!! How amazing is that?? (If you want to read about how Kat got her agent, I shall direct you to this link here!)

She is hilarious, guys! Super fun and friendly in the best way possible! You know how you meet someone and you instantly have Good Vibes about them? Yup, this was Kat! (And her cousin, Axie–hi, Axie!!!) In addition to being a cool person, she also writes AMAZING AMAZING stories! And the cherry on top? OMG ANOTHER BIG BANG FAN!!!!!!! Sooooooo, you know, that pretty much sealed the deal: Kat is cool.




Kat has wonderfully agreed to do a little interview for me regarding how she got her agent!! Without further ado… Here it is!!!


1.Kaaaaaaat!!!! Tell us a little bit about yourself, how you became a writer, and what you write!!

I was born on a brisk November evening in the western suburbs of Boston…

But, seriously. I’ve been writing practically since I was born. My sister would write stories and I’d illustrate them. Then sometimes, my cousin and I would write stories together (actually the same story over and over where we invented a time machine and went back to the time of the dinosaurs).

And then I started to write Mossflower/Redwall fan fiction because who doesn’t like mice living in an abbey eating all the food they eat. I also wrote books about horses because I wanted to be a horse jockey.

Anyway…what was I talking about? Oh yea, my writing.

My current MS is based on Korean mythology of the gumiho: a nine-tailed fox that has lived for over a thousand years and can shift into a beautiful woman. She must devour the livers of men to continue to live forever. So, you know a feel-good rom-com 😉

Anyway, my MC is a gumiho who is conflicted between her need to kill to survive and her desire to be loved. This all comes to a head when her secret is revealed to a human boy who is the opposite of her personality wise. He’s carefree and fun-loving and doesn’t take anything seriously. This kind of clashes with her need to control everything in her life. So, they fall in love and people get hurt because of her secret. It’s very very angsty.


2.What is your favorite part about writing? 

There are A LOT of things I love about writing.

Writing is my therapy. It helps me to get the crazy out of my head so I am not kept up at night. I’m a generally anxious person, so if I can purge my mind of the millions of thoughts then it helps and writing is a very direct way for me to do that. I used to keep a dream journal, and that thing is cuckoo crazy-town. But also, potentially good fodder for future stories, who knows.

Writing is also something that I’ve loved since I was a child. It’s a way that my sister and I “played.” If there was a story that I loved I would get sad when it ended. So my sister would solve that by writing more stories based on that story. She pretty much wrote 7-year-old fanfic for me. Hahaha. So writing has always been something in my family and has been a way for my sister and I to express ourselves. It’s funny because she actually has a book coming out this year and I am so stoked for her. I’m going to bake a cake with her book cover on it.

And finally, my current journey of writing brought me one of my new loves: writing community. People like ERIN! Wheeee! I absolutely adore the writers I’ve met. I obviously idolize my hero authors that are making the stories I’ve always read. But meeting and learning about aspiring authors and people who are in the trenches with me is inspiring! I love to hear other people’s ideas and stories. I love brainstorming. I love fangirling. I love knowing that people with a shared dream can come together and support each other through all the crazy that is publishing. It’s so thrilling to be accepted into a world like this.


3.What’s your daily writing routine like? 

Okay, I’ll only tell you this if you don’t tell my boss…

I sometimes write at work (hides under desk!)

The reason being that I’m a pantser at heart. When I get an idea I HAVE to write it down in its entirety and it just pulls me into a scene. I can’t plot and think things through until I have words on a page.

So, some days I’ll probably write half of the day and be actively in front of the computer typing away like a madwoman. I’ve had some 5,000 word days like that. Then there could potentially be days or weeks of no words because I just don’t have the inspiration. Those days I use for revisions. For me, revisions are a slower and more thoughtful time. I’ll definitely think through everything and actually set aside time for those. Usually at night because I’m a night owl. And almost always on my couch even though I have a whole office I’ve set up.

I like to write with music playing. I don’t want to make myself sound too nerdy, but I listen to K-pop. Not because my book is in Korea, but because I love it. And also because I can’t necessarily listen to music with English lyrics because it’ll distract me. In the same vein, I’ll have K-Dramas playing in the background sometimes when I write. For Gumiho, I rewatched all of School 2013 because I adore that show and the actors and I love the atmosphere of it.


4.Did you know that this book was The One? 

Because a wizard came down from the mountain and bestowed upon me the ancient prophecy that my WiP was THE ONE. Also, because my book was born on the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year.

But seriously, it’s actually because I was TERRIFIED to write this book. Just was sooo concerned it would be too much for people to take (because I use Korean setting, culture and words and I don’t necessarily define everything). But despite that I still felt like I HAD to write it. So, I just wrote it piece by piece thinking if it became too much I’d set it aside. And suddenly I had a full book with characters I couldn’t let go of and I had to share it because I loved it that much.


5.What was the hardest part about querying? 

The hardest part was to GET myself to query this time around. I queried about 2.5 years ago. It was a sad time in my life. I was not prepared for querying or for the industry in general.

I wrote a book that wasn’t that good. I mean, I still like it, but it will never ever see the light of day in its current form. But that book means something big to me. It’s the first book that I really revised. I got my first Critique Partners with that book. I got a whole critique group with that book. I went to my first conference with it and I pitched agents for the first time with that book (one of whom was Beth! Symmetry!)

So anyway, I queried that book. That querying process took about a year from start to finish. The reason being that everyone rejected it. And rejections sometimes take awhile to roll in.I finally went back and looked at my abysmal stats for this book:


– Slush queried = 34 agents

– Conference queried = 4 agents

– Average Response time = 39 days

– Fastest response time = 0 days

– slowest response time = 388 days

– requests = 3 partials

– rejections = 23

– CNR = 15


Don’t you FEEL BAD FOR ME?! Just kidding. I actually think this is a mild round of rejections. But for me, I was devastated. Really thought I’d at least get more requests. I have theories for why not, but I won’t bore you guys with them. The lesson is that I didn’t do well in this querying round. I had very low interest in my MS. And I worried that it was because I am a bad writer. It was a very sad time for me.

I gave up a little bit. Not completely, but enough that I wallowed for too long and got insane writer’s block. I tried to start 2 different WiPs that I could not finish for the life of me. And I started to just sink deeper into a hole of writing depression.

I’m not saying this to make anyone feel bad for me. I’m saying this because I think this can happen all too often. I think that I am not the only one that took my first rejections badly. And I hope that my initial failure might be helpful for someone else going out into the query trenches.

Anyway, because of this I DID NOT want to query my current MS. I loved it so much! Way more than I loved my last MS and I would have been really sad if no one liked it.

I tried to dip my toes in my submitting it to a couple of competitions and mentorship programs. And I got rejected from ALL of them. Not a good feeling. I don’t necessarily consider myself an award-winning writer, but it still stung as all rejections do in something so personal like writing.

However, the story obviously ends happily. Just keep reading!


6.What was getting The Call like? 

Surreal. You know that moment when you go on a really good first date and you just keep smiling because you really like this guy/girl but then you think, “Oh no! I look like a crazy person, they’ll think I’m insane!”

That was me on The Call. I got the email for the call on a Thursday and was so flustered that I asked to have the call on Friday instead. Because I was so certain I needed to compile a list of questions (which I did).

Then the call happened and I had set up my desk so carefully that you’d think I was the most organized person in the universe (hint: I’m not). I had a notebook, THREE pens (why did I need three?!), my list of questions and a separate sheet of loose-leaf paper (you know, in case my notebook spontaneously combusted).

The agent started out with talking to me about DVPit and a conference we’d previously met at. It was nice, a bit of small talk to get the nerves out and it worked. I really liked that because it made me feel like it wasn’t all business all the time. It was a more organic and easy conversation. Of course, it shifted into the conversation about my MS. This was nerve wracking and wonderful at the same time.

Again, going back to the date analogy. It’s like when you’re sitting on a date and the other person suddenly goes, “You know, I think you’re so pretty and smart, and the way that you told that joke was really spot on, I laughed so hard.” It’s just fun-times compliment city and I basked in it hard core. Of course, then they go into the notes they have on revisions. That doesn’t have a date analogy, because I’ve never been on one where the guy goes “Well, could you have picked a nicer cardigan maybe?” And if anyone has, I’d tell them to leave that date immediately. But for The Call, it’s important to know what parts of the MS the agent thinks might need tweaking.

I loved talking about the revisions because I’m a glutton for punishment, haha. No, I’m actually just a realist and I know that any MS isn’t perfect and could probably use a little polishing before sub (Ahhhh! Sub!!!)

Anyway, by the end I was just super happy. Stoked about what the future had to hold. And then I stressed out about sending the “I got an offer” emails to other agents.


7.How did you know your agent was The One? 

Because a wizard…oh wait, I already said this one.

Okay, for real, it’s because of many factors. It helped that she was always on my list, like since I queried my first MS a million years ago. I also met her at that first fated conference I went to two years ago, so I knew she was cool people.

Finally, it was probably the call. There were things she said about my work and about my book that really clicked with me. What I liked were the things she said that were critical. Not saying that she said my book was bad, but that it definitely still needed some revisions (which I knew). And she didn’t sugar coat it, she just told me exactly what level of revisions she wanted for my work and allowed me to brainstorm with her for like 45 minutes on the ideas she brought up. It felt like we were already working together and it felt so comfortable and real and dynamic. I could totally see that being our agent/author relationship for years to come.

There were other factors (boring things like sales or career history or her MSWL, etc) but the biggies were my ability to click with her as an agent on the phone. (Not to say I didn’t click on my other call, I just had a gut feeling about Beth from jump).


8.What advice do you have for writers in the query trenches? 

Do NOT give up! I really really mean this. If I had given up after my first query fail, I wouldn’t be here. If I had given up after the next WiP went nowhere, I wouldn’t be here. If I had given up after the next next WiP went nowhere, I wouldn’t be here. If I had given up when I lost a bunch of competitions/didn’t get mentorships with my current MS, I wouldn’t be here. It is definitely true when they say it only takes one. And I KNOW how frustrating that is, how you want to scream because you think “But I can’t even GET one!” Trust me, it can happen. You can get a dozen, a hundred, a thousand rejections and then just get one, and it’ll wipe the slate clean.

This beginning of our journey is hard because we feel like we’re alone. After you get an agent and then (hopefully) an editor, you have an industry professional to fight beside you. It’s amazing. But when you’re just starting out you feel like you’re floundering without anyone to guide you. This is where CP’s and mentors ARE INVALUABLE. Get Critique partners! Get Critique Groups. I have amazing CPs and beta readers. They’re my cheerleaders. They make me smile even when I feel like crying. They send me crazy GIFs (this is akin to sending any other person chocolate and wine. Actually, I’d also like to receive wine). Anyway, my message is that you are NEVER alone, not if you don’t want to be. So go out there and make friends and let them be the ones who pick you up if you feel like falling down.

Publishing can be like a snowball rolling downhill. You start as a tiny little snowflake and then you pick up knowledge and friends along the way. And then you’re a giant snow ball rolling through down, destroying mailboxes and all small creatures that stand in your way! Wait…where was I going with this?


Thanks so so much to Kat for doing this interview!!!! And as a tribute to Kat (and because I really really really can’t resist) here is a Big Bang video!!!



Recap of RT16 and Book Con!!!

Woo hee… So it’s been a couple of months since I last posted on the blog… Hehe, guess things just got away from me! Anyways, as you might know, I was lucky enough to be able to go to the infamous Romantic Times Convention (which took place in Las Vegas!) as well as Book Con, which I got to attend rather unexpectedly! Sooooo, here’s a bit of a recap of what went on!


Ever since I found out about RT (which was like… last year-ish), I have always wanted to go!! I mean, a place where writers and authors come together in a giant explosion of books?? YASS!!!! The perfect place! So when I heard it was in Vegas this year (a paltry six hours from my awesome hometown of SLC!), I knew I wanted to go! Then BLAM! Some of my greatest friends and beautimous CPs who went last year (Maddy, Akshaya, and Janella) said it was a such an awesome experience and pretty quickly, we decided that we would all go to RT together!!! Which is a bajillion times more fun than going by yourself!

To say the least, I had a pretty awesome time!!!! I got to meet up with some of my favorite favorite people in the world, AKA Maddy, Janella, Akshaya, and Katy!!!!

I really don’t understand why we don’t all live together yet in a giant cabin up in the woods writing and laughing all the time! Hands down, my favorite part of any conventions like these is getting to spend time with my amazing CPs. Seriously. I have SO. MUCH. FUN. with them every time we meet up. What was awesome about RT was that I finally got to spend more than an hour with my friend, Katy, and spend more than 12 hours with Akshaya! I got to spend some quality time with Maddy schwimming to and fro, talking about our mss and life and books in general. And of course, as usual, much, much, much laughter ensued with Janella and me.

Here is some photographic evidence 🙂 :


Akshaya, Katy, Janella, and moi making our beautiful faces shine

Janella and me living our Masquerade Dream at the hotel grocery store while Katy and Akshaya were shopping



Another amazing thing about RT was that I got to meet some of my very favorite favorite authors in the world and literary heroes, AKA RENEE AHDIEH AND MARIE RUTKOSKI!!!!!!!!! OMG I THINK I DIED!!!!!! I fangirled SO HARD. It was such an amazing experience to meet these two writers. Haha, I think everyone knows here how much I freaking love The Wrath and the Dawn and The Winner’s Trilogy. They are HUGE inspirations of mine and it was ridiculous that I actually got to meet them. I made a complete fool out of myself and Renee and Marie probably think I’m CRAZY… But really… What did you expect?? Heheh…



Wheeee!!! Alex Bracken!!! Always so adorable and cute!!!!! 

The Infamous Victoria Aveyard!!!!! She probably thought I was a real creeper given the way I kept waving to her randomly every time I saw her! 

Holy Moly, guys!!!! TAMORA PIERCE!!!!!! A legend!!!! (SUCH a funny lady, by the way!!!) 

And one of my favorite people in the world, Leigh Bardugo!!!! I love her so much!!! 

And OMG OMG OMG IT’S ME WITH MARIE RUTKOSKI GUYS!!!!!!! I’m literally tearing up as I write this!!!! *sobface*!!! 

And then, another favorite part of RT… MEETING NEW PEOPLE!!!! I met my new favorite peoples in the world, Axie and Kat!!! They are AWESOME!!!! We had so much fun with them and seriously, it felt like we’d all been friends for a long time even though it had been less than a day that we’d met (erm… does that sound weird??? Also, Kat and Axie, if you’re reading this, I hope you don’t find it weird that we all obsessed over you two… O___O )



Photo Booth fun with the RT Gang! 

And a picture of us having fun as we wait in line!!! 😀 (Akshaya had to snatch the phone away from me to take this picture because I am so abominably SUCKY at taking selfies, hahaha!!!!)

To sum up, I had the greatest time at RT! I can’t believe all the authors we got to meet and the various people that we met! I’m so excited about it still and I cannot wait until next year, which I would very much like to go to if at all possible (CURSE YOU REAL LIFE AND WORK!!!)!!!

Onto Book Con!!!!

Book Con 2016: 

I just got back from Book Con yesterday and BOY am I tired. I definitely need to rejuvenate and recover from that crazy weekend, but like RT, I had the greatest time in the world!!! I’m so sad that I couldn’t stay longer (again–CURSE YOU REAL LIFE AND WORK!!!!). I actually hadn’t planned on going because I had already taken too many days off from work, but for once, the Universe blessed me and it turned out that the clinic was going to be closed May 13th and 14th…. Which just happened to be when Book Con was!!! So, I threw caution to the wind and hopped on a plane to Chicago where I was met by my beautiful friends Maddy and Janella (who also, on a whim, hopped on a plane to Chicago… I like to say that Janella was so much obsessed with me that when she heard I was going, she just had to copy me and go to 😉 JUST KIDDING, JUJU BEAR!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!)

I digress… Anyways! It was SOOO MUCH fun!!!! Again, my favorite part was hanging out with my greatest friends in the world!!!! Maddy and Janella were there, but guess who else was there??? OMG OUR NEW BFF KAT!!!!! Yup! The Kat from RT. To say the very least, we four had an outrageous time meeting authors, getting books signed, and general madness/happiness in general.

I also got to meet a few more writerly friends that I have known online for a while, but had never met before, including my flailing partner/CP, Mic!!!!!!!! For unfortunate reasons, our timing never worked out well so that we got to hang out, but luckily, we ran into each other during lunch and YAY GOT TO MEET FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!! Seriously so awesome!!!! And we also got to meet Meg!!!! She has awesome pink hair and red glasses and is freaking adorable!! Again, due to unfortunate planning, we only got to hang out for a very short period of time, but HEY! That just means we’ll all have to get together sometime in the future to make up for it!!! (Also due to some more unfortunate circumstances, I forgot to get a picture with these two awesome ladies… NEXT TIME!!!)

Woo hoo!! Here’s some more photographic evidence for you all!!!!


Our demon-eyed gang (and demon-eyed photobomber, whom Janella shrewdly brought to our attention)


Maddy posing beautifully on her Beauty and the Beast-esque ladder bookshelf. 

Janella and Kat, plus me and Maddy’s arms 🙂

A super blurry picture of Maddy and me!!! 

Lady Elizabeth, Maddy’s kitty, who I have decided is the cutest cat in the world and I love her to death. 

The reason I love Sooz so much

Janella and me as at the famous Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville!!!!! 

Sushi dinner before going to the Sarah J. Maas signing!!!! 

Bahahah, one of my favorite pictures from Book Con!!!! > . <

Aaaaah!!! Sarah J. Maas!!!! (And before you even ask, OF COURSE I acted like a complete blathering idiot in front of her!!!)

Gotta say, I’ve been having the best time this year getting to hang out with my friends that are across the country. And of course, I can’t wait until July when we get together once more for Leviosa Con!!! EEEEEE!!! Until then, we’ll just have to stick to our usual Skyping Thudnights 😀

Yay!! I hope you guys enjoyed this!!! See ya later!!!

In Which Awesome Katy Talks About Getting Her New Agent

Remember how I mentioned that good things come in three?? WELL HERE IT IS PEOPLE!!! HERE IS THE THIRD GOOD THING!!!!!!! My beautiful friend and CP, Katy, IS NOW AGENTED!!!!!!!!! She is signed with the amazing Alexandra Machinist of ICM!!!!

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I love Katy and her work and I’m so so excited that she is now agented!! (OMG GUYS!!! THREE, THREE, OF MY BEAUTIFUL WRITER FRIENDS ARE NOW AGENTED!!!!!) I met Katy through some mutual CPs and I’m SOOOOO glad that we did!! Katy is genuinely such a cool and chill person with such a great personality. Plus she cracks me up with her jokes. And also, she has the best laugh ever! Oh! And, she is the best Sorting Hat ever (Yes! After a life of House-Ambiguity, I’m in Gryffindor!) and she is so wise (not joking, guys!) I’m so grateful and amazed that I get to call her my friend!!!!!!

Kay!!! Onwards and upwards! Here are the wonderful answers Katy imparted upon us!!!!


1.Hi, Katy!!!! Tell us a little bit about your beautiful self, what you write, and how you came to be a writer!!!

Is it very telling that I left this question until last when answering these? I am very bad at talking about myself, but here goes — I grew up in LA, now live in the Bay Area where I consume an unreasonable amount of coffee and spend way to much money at all the local independent bookstores here (shout out to Books Inc, Pegasus Books, and Laurel Bookstore!)

I have been writing since I learned how to hold a pencil (or sit at a computer, actually). I used to play elaborate pretend-games with my sister (think Sailor Moon but with unicorns, and also magic school?) and then I would go into my parent’s home office and continue our adventures in story form. I now write YA fantasy (more on that in a second), so my taste in stories hasn’t changed too much. I still love magic, adventure, and impossible things, but I’m now more interested in the people who inhabit those stories. I love characters who do the unexpected, whose capacity for love (or for evil!) surprise even themselves. I love stories where the choices start out hard, and only get harder. And the great thing about fantasy and sci-fi is that there’s so much opportunity to change and raise the stakes for your characters. 


2.What is your favorite part about writing?

I love a lot of things about writing, but process-wise I definitely enjoy revising more than I like drafting. My internal editor is such a burden while I’m writing a first draft. There’s this great Ira Glass clip that pops up on the internet every so often, about how beginning to create art can be so challenging because your taste is so much more sophisticated and fine-tuned than your talent. I definitely feel the pain of that most acutely while I’m drafting, when what I’m putting on the page isn’t close enough to my vision to satisfy that internal critic. It’s only later, going back through a draft, that I’m able to really dig in and find the gems that reflect what I want the story to really be, and chip away until I find it.


3.How many books did you write before you got your agent?

This was the first book that I completed, revised, and actually queried. Before this, I had written thousands of words of stories as a kid (as mentioned), lots of fanfiction as an adolescent, and a couple half-finished manuscripts here and there. But this was the first one that actually came together, and that I was serious enough about to actually finish, revise (and revise again…and again…and again) and start querying.


4.Did you know this book was The One?

I remember at one point telling my sister (during my first or second draft) that I was finally writing the book I had always wanted to write. So in a sense I think I did know that there was something special, or at least I knew that I loved this book enough to push through all the difficulties and challenges that come with writing. And I think that was really the key — it wasn’t that there was anything particularly trendy, or hook-y, or whatever with this project, it was just that I loved the characters and the story so much I was willing to do whatever it took to bring them to life.



5.How did you know Alexandra was The One?

It was two main things. The first was that, believe it or not, I pitched this book as an adult fantasy. And the first thing Alexandra said to me when we talked was “I love this — and I think it’s YA.” We had a long discussion about it, and everything she said made so much sense and I realized that I really did want to be writing YA (I read mostly YA, all of my CPs write YA, all of my prospective future projects were YA). So when we hung up I had this moment of realizing that she had seen something about this book that I hadn’t, and that she was totally, 100% right about it. It also made it clear that she loved my writing enough to really put in all the work it would take to get this book where it needed to be.

The second thing was that in talking to her, and a couple of her clients, I saw how amazing she was at her job. When an agent talks to you on the phone, she’s really trying to sell you on working with her, the same way she’d try to sell an editor on buying your book. And I could tell right away that she was amazing at it. She was so charming, smart, and funny, and underneath all that I could tell that she was a TOTAL BADASS who would fight like hell for her authors.

6.How did you celebrate signing with your agent?

Haha, unfortunately nothing too exciting. I had just gotten back from Yallwest in LA and I’m getting ready to leave on another trip this weekend, so I took it easy. I hung out with my sister and caught up on Jane the Virgin. I did buy this fancy bottle of wine a few weeks ago in Napa with the intention of drinking it when I officially signed, so I still have that to look forward to!


7.What was the hardest part about querying? 

Writing the dang thing! I wrote and re-wrote it probably around 20 times — no exaggeration. To be honest, I actually really enjoyed the query process itself. I mean, obviously there’s a lot of waiting, and rejections can be disheartening, but regardless of the outcome, querying this project meant taking a HUGE step forward in my writing career. Rejections and requests alike both made the whole thing feel more real, and I learned a lot from the whole experience. 


8.What advice do you have for writing slugging it in the query trenches?

Ok, so first the nitty-gritty advice: you can never do too much research. I started researching agents loooooooong before I had anything remotely queryable, so by the time I did have a finished, polished manuscript, I already knew a ton about the agents I wanted to query, about publishing in general, and about the process itself (it is not always 100% super straight forward! Many strange –sometimes wonderful– things can happen in the query trenches!)

And my other piece of advice, especially for those querying a book for the first time, is to remember that the fact that you’re querying means you’ve already done a LOT of hard work (you WROTE A BOOK), that you’re brave for putting yourself out there, and that you’re taking a real, concrete step toward your goals. So regardless of how many rejections and requests you get, you should be proud for taking yourself and your work seriously.


Thank you so so much to Katy for answering these questions for me!!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am for Katy and Alexandra!!!! NOW EVERYONE PLEASE GO CONGRATULATE KATY!!!!!!! *PARTY PARTY*!!!!!

Interview with Mic On Getting Her Agent!!!

So, you know how they say good things come in three?? First, Janella signed with her agent, and now OMG MY TALENTED AND AMAZING FRIEND MIC SIGNED WITH HER AGENT, THE WONDERFUL HEATHER FLAHERTY FROM THE BENT AGENCY!!!

How crazy is this guys? Not just one of my friends getting an agent, but TWO!!!! Two of my seriously talented friends have agents (and this is no surprise considering how hard they’ve worked and how amazing they are!) (Okay, so I know this are only two good things, but who knows!!!!! Maybe someone else is signing as we speak! More good things are sure to come!)

Anyways, Mic, who is a wonderful human being and friend and is always up for the best and worst of flailing about books and authors, answered a few questions for me!!! Well, here goes!!!


1.So, Mic!!! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to be a writer and what you write!

Hi Erin 🙂 Thank you so much for having me! I’m a born and raised New Yorker–so I walk fast, take immense pride in my subway knowledge, and can’t sleep in silence. I’m a fangirl of all things Disney, Broadway, and books. Oh, and Food Network. I also really like penguins. I’m happiest at a concert, by the water, or with tea.

I just kind of fell into writing. When I was little, I used to make up stories my best friend and I would act out. We called it The Imagination Game–and to this day I still suck at naming stuff. Then a little thing called High School Musical happened when I was 10 and… I started writing fanfiction. I wish I could say I started with Harry Potter fanfiction, but it was HSM. I carried around a binder all through middle school and wrote during class and all the boys would ask me what I was writing. I don’t remember what I said. I probably lied. Eventually, I stopped writing fanfic and started wondering if I could maybe write my own stuff. Now, I write YA and bounce between contemporary and fantasy mostly, but am musing on a sci-fi idea right now.


2.Did you know this book was The One? 

Maybe. I’m not sure exactly. I definitely felt like it was something special and I loved working on it. Everything kind of feels like The One when I’m writing, though. It kind of has to for me, in order to push through the days when all the words suck or a scene isn’t working.


3.What’s your favorite part about writing? 

I really love voice. I love building it and uncovering all its quirks. I especially love when I’m editing in the later stages and read a scene and immediately know, “My character wouldn’t say this, that’s why this doesn’t sound right/is boring.” Voice and character for me are what tend to hook me when I’m reading, and it’s definitely what hooks me when writing, too. I also love funny or awkward character dynamics, especially when characters who are opposites or enemies have to work together. As much as I love characters being adorable together and getting along, there’s also something wonderful about different kinds of relationships.


4.What was the hardest part about querying? 

Hmm… maybe staying confident? There are definitely days that are dark and horrible, and then other days that are euphoric. The waiting is also hard, but publishing is one long waiting game, and querying is the first taste of it.


5.How did you know that you found the right agent? 

Oh man, beware: Gushing Ahead. I felt so right about Heather the moment she emailed me back telling me she’d move some stuff around so we could have our call, despite my timeline being inconvenient for her. Right away I felt like she cared if she was going to make me a priority before even speaking to me. I felt so comfortable emailing back and forth with her from the beginning, which put me at ease before our call. Then when we finally spoke she was so spot on about little details in my manuscript and we eventually just started talking about other things. At some point during the call I just kind of knew I was going to sign with her, and it was the best feeling in the world.


6.How did you celebrate getting an agent?

I bought myself a bunch of books? I didn’t actually really do anything, which now sounds so horrible! But I had a biopsych exam the day we announced, so was kind of in class while my phone went insane and the Twitter app actually died on me. All the outpouring of love and support I got was kind of already the best celebration.

But back to those books I mentioned! Emery Lord was here for her launch event, so I bought myself ALL of her books! I figured I’d earned it, plus I love her, so I knew a signed collection was a good investment. Heather actually got notes to me just a few days after accepting, so I got right back into editing like nothing had happened. Heather’s notes and ideas actually made me fall back in love with my manuscript and see new sides to it, and that too, was its own wonderful celebration.


7.What advice do you have for writers digging it in the query trenches? 

FIND YOUR PEOPLE! Seriously, find the people who love you and your words and just cling to them for dear life. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have the Pitch Wars group, my CPs, and friends cheering me on and boosting my confidence whenever I felt low. Also, I know it’s hard, but write something new. It’ll make you feel better to know you have something else going on and you are capable of more words (and you ARE capable of more words). Know that agents are not out there to crush your dreams. Don’t read too much into form responses. Try to stay positive, do things that make you happy, take time away from stalking your inbox. It’s hard, but love yourself, and your time will come.

Thanks so much, Mic, for doing this!!! I hope you guys enjoyed this!!! NOW EVERYONE PLEASE CONGRATULATE MIC ON HER NEW AGENT!!!!!!


DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS??? Because I feel like I’ve been screaming/yelling/crying/fangirling about it for days!!!!!! Well, if ya haven’t heard yet, guess what… MY BEAUTIFUL AND MAGICAL AND LOVELY AND AMAZING AND TALENTED CP Janella signed with her agent!!!! The amazing Thao Le!!!!!!!

(Sorry for all the shouting, but I’m super excited and also, I’ve been watching Parks and Recreation like a maniac and seemed to have imbibed some of Leslie Knope’s energy–and perhaps also some of Craig’s…)




Seriously guys, Janella is such an amazing person who has been nothing but friendly and supportive since I met her (and is also super hilarious–bonus!) She was one of my very first writing buddies EVER and I’m so lucky and grateful that we met and that she lets me read her work! She works crazy hard on her holy-crow-so-amazing books and I’m so happy for her because it is 1000000010% deserved!!! I’m just so incredibly amazed that I can call her my friend!

Anyways, read it about how she got her agent here in this amazing post Janella wrote!!!! But onwards!!! Since Janella is soooooo amazing and such, I thought it would be super cool if we did a little interview with her and guess what?? SHE SAID YES!!!! Haaaaaa, I’ve rambled quite enough, so let’s get to the real good stuff!!


1. Soooo, Janella, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you write!!! 😀 

Oh boy, you hit me with the hard one first. Okay, basics then: I recently graduated from Emerson College with a B.A. in Writing, Literature, and Publishing, I’m deeply in love with the color red, and I’m a Massachusetts native (which means I most definitely run on Dunkin). YA books pretty much saved me when I was in junior high and throughout high school. When my love for writing grew, I just knew without hesitation that those were the books I wanted to write. YA was always it for me when it came to my publishing studies and my writing pursuits. More specifically, most of my stories and ideas are geared toward the speculative side, because I just can’t resist throwing in elements of magic and impossibility into my writing. I also have a few ideas in other genres simmering in the back of my head that I hope to write one day! We’ll see (:

2. When did you start writing? (Rumor has it you started out writing some fan fiction?? *raises eyebrows*)

The rumors are true! I feel like I’ve always been imagining and coming up with stories all my life, but writing truly became my obsession when fanfiction entered my life. Harry Potter fanfiction, to be exact—and a tribute to my other love, Veronica Mars, as well. I was always a Marauders Era kind of girl, which meant that Jily was my leading OTP, and also that I had the power to make Peter Pettigrew just conveniently disappear from the page…

I was around 12 years old when I started writing and posting, and to receive reviews and encouragement (as well as the occasional life-hating troll remarks) always kept me writing more and coming up with new stories. Aside from fanfiction, I was also heavily reading YA at the time, so most of my earlier attempts at original novels just read as very familiar to what was already out there, and thus, were rightfully abandoned. But I owe so much to fanfiction because of how it really began my writing journey—and I also owe a lot to those failed projects as well because while they fizzled out, they helped me challenge myself to find my own voice and branch out my own original ideas away from what was already out there.

3. What’s your daily writing routine like? 

Because I’m still in the midst of job-hunting (fondly known as the Tenth Circle of Hell), I’m fortunate enough to have a lot of time devoted to writing right now. The schedule varies, but I usually spend most of the morning writing and coffee-guzzling, take a non-writerly break in the middle, and then return to writing later in the afternoon and until evening. But even when I’m not in front of my computer or notes, I’m constantly daydreaming and brainstorming until it feels like I’m never ever fully away from my writing.

4. How many books did you write before you got an agent?

I’ve completed just one other book before writing “the book” that got me my agent.

5. What was the hardest part about querying?

For me personally, it’s how little control you have in the process—and I know this applies to every step in trying to get published. But with querying, it can be especially soul-sucking at times. Although the writer has the control over when it comes to the act of sending the queries and how to react from the responses, there is no control over the whens or the whys. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself having a bad day…and then getting two rejections in a row can make it even worse. Some people may love your story, but just not love it enough. It can instill a lot of doubt in yourself when there are so many things you can’t control, but you just have to keep chugging along despite the obstacles. Hope for the best, but also be prepared for the bad because it’s all part of the package that is the journey to publication.

6. How did you know you found the right agent? 

I’ve always been a huge fan of Thao! No exaggeration. Even back in the early stages of my publishing research, Thao was constantly at the top of my list, and I always seemed to gravitate toward her when it came to narrowing down which agents I felt I could really vibe well with. Her social media presence and personality are stellar, her clients are wonderful, and every time I glanced at her MSWL, I was always floored that the sort of stories she was looking for corresponded with the ones I dreamed of/already had plans for writing. I thought I’d blown it when I queried her with my first novel and was later rejected—but when I queried her with my second novel, thinking it a better fit, I was shocked that she showed interest in seeing it. I feel like I knew all along I would’ve loved to work with her, but I didn’t really know just how much until we finally had The Call. Her approach, vision, and editorial notes for my story all told me that we would make a great match, and I feel so lucky to have her with me now on my writing journey.

7. How did you celebrate signing with an agent?

Lots of crying and trying to convince myself that it all wasn’t some hysterical dream my brain had cooked up. Then later, when I finally composed myself and was convinced that everything that had just happened was real, I celebrated with wine, chicken nuggets, and kdramas.

8. What’s your advice for writers out there slogging it in the query trenches?

For querying writers, start a new project! This really saved my sanity when I was going mad from all the lows and the waiting. You really just need something to keep your imagination up and running, and to distract you from checking your inbox a million times a day. There is no better cure for this than throwing yourself into another story and feeling that writer’s high again. And hey, when you do get that call from the agent and he/she asks if you have any other projects in your arsenal, you can tell them all about the fabulous new manuscript already in the works 😉

But my biggest piece of advice for any writer—querying or not—is to hang in there and always write for yourself. Don’t write against a clock, don’t write to get an agent, don’t write for the hope of becoming super rich and famous. Ambition is a fantastic quality to have and can really keep you afloat in this sort of industry—but when you start to approach writing as just a means to an end, then that’s a red flag. I went into the query trenches accepting that this book may not be The Book. It’s not a fun thought, but it’s realistic. And in the end, what mattered most to me was that I truly loved writing it, and had given it everything I had because it meant so much to me. You may not always get exactly what you want in return when you enter those trenches, but it’s okay. We all fail—before, after, and during—but there are also rewards to those downs if you’re willing to see them. Just love your manuscripts and your writing selflessly, and you’ll always find the strength to try again and keep getting back up.


EEEEEE!!!! Everyone give a big round of applause to Janella for these lovely (and freakin’ inspiring) answers!!!! Thank you so much, Juju Bear for answering these questions for me!!!!!! YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!

Thanks for reading everyone and putting up with my incessant rambling and one too many exclamation points!!! NOW EVERYONE GO CONGRATULATE JANELLA!!!!!! ❤