It’s Levi-OHHHH-sa, Not Levio-SAAAA

So I just very, very, very recently learned that Hermione was correcting the accents on Ron’s spell in the scene where they’re learning how to make things fly. When I heard this line in Harry Potter, I thought it the quote went more like:

“It’s Levi-OH-sa, not Leviosaur!”

Because you know… Apparently my brain can’t comprehend stuff. HAAAA!!!! So here I was, all this time, thinking that this spell sounded like a dinosaur.


I recently went to Leviosa Con and thought I’d write up a post about it!

CONFESSION: My dear friend Janella (who you all probably know by now), wrote up her Leviosa post, and so, I had to write up one myself, so that I could one-up her!!! HA! Just kiddddddding!!! I COULD NEVER ONE-UP YOU, JUJUJUJUJUJUJU BEAR!!!!!! The real deal is that I was inspired to write my own post after I saw Janella’s!!!! 😀

(Okay, I did copy her title though, because it was WAAAY too good not to copy!!!! 😀 )

OH GOODNESS. I am TERRIBLE at staying on topic!!!!!!

Okay. Sooo.. Leviosa!!!!

It was sooooo much fun!!!! The best part, as always, is that I get to hang out with some of my amazing CPs/writing buddies, i.e. Maddy, Amanda, Akshaya, Axie, and Janella!!!! It’s kind of crazy the amount of silliness and goofiness and pure fun that goes on when we’re all together. But the good kind of crazy!! (I hope O__O!)

But it really was so much fun getting to meet and hang out with authors, meet new friends, and flail about Harry Potter and books in general!

Some of the crazy shenanigans that went on:

Maddy and Janella flew into SLC and we drove down to Vegas together!!! 
Obviously we had some fun times on the way down!!! 


Janella ROCKIN’ it and Amanda gettin’ down to business during one of our write seshes. 


This very creepy photo Janella took for the sake of keeping up our Snap Streak.

Having some serious fun as we sit in on some panels!! 


Amanda and I getting our Snap on with crazy eyes. 

The awesome Diversity Panel with our very own, Axie and Janella, who absolutely were AWESOME!!! (And of course, Sooz being so lovable and adorable as per her usual self!) 


A rare group photo that is not a crazy selfie. (Aks conspicuously missing… *clutchy face*!!!)

A beautiful Nevada sunset.

In which Manda Panda tries to eat Janella’s fingers. 

Me, Maddy, and–OMG PERCY WEASLEY!!!!

A distinctly uncomfortable Juju Bear.

And of course, one of THE best parts of going to cons is being able to meet your favorite, favorite author!!! SUSAN DENNARD!!!! The most amazing person in the world!!!

Roshani Chokshi, another amazing, amazing author and person. So kind and gracious and absolutely so beautiful!

Sooz killin’ it on her panel about Book Friendships!

Leviosa was such a fun experience! I got to spend ridiculous amounts of time flailing to authors that I love and chatting with some new friends! I also got to pitch to some agents, which was an incredible experience (which I may delve into further in a separate post!). I had the greatest time with my friends and while you’d think that we’d be sick of each other, we’re strangely not! I loved getting to spend endless hours with m’buddies!!!

After Leviosa ended, Janella and Maddy and I drove back up to Salt Lake, where we had another few days of mischief and mishaps together! Basically we went CRAZY and did puzzles as we watched Austenland and played with Nabi the Husky and meandered around Salt Lake City!

Just the sheer amount of power that lies within these two intense stares…

Schnuggles with Barnaby

Maddy and Janella looking oh-so-fine after our hike to Lisa Falls.


The faces that pretty sum up who we are.

Success s’mores with my CO-G, Janella!

Nabi attacking Juju Bear (but with good intentions!) 

Probably my favorite picture from Leviosa!!! The Cult as we try to take a ridiculous selfie!!!! <333333

Yay!! So that’s it for Leviosa!! Honestly, I’m not sure when the next shebang’s gonna be, but I miss these cult crazies already!! I’m not gonna lie–I PASSED out after Leviosa and definitely caught up on some very-much-needed sleep!!! It’s been nice getting back into routine and no doubt, we’ll be reunited sooner rather than later!!

Thanks for reading, guys!!! <3333


Recap of RT16 and Book Con!!!

Woo hee… So it’s been a couple of months since I last posted on the blog… Hehe, guess things just got away from me! Anyways, as you might know, I was lucky enough to be able to go to the infamous Romantic Times Convention (which took place in Las Vegas!) as well as Book Con, which I got to attend rather unexpectedly! Sooooo, here’s a bit of a recap of what went on!


Ever since I found out about RT (which was like… last year-ish), I have always wanted to go!! I mean, a place where writers and authors come together in a giant explosion of books?? YASS!!!! The perfect place! So when I heard it was in Vegas this year (a paltry six hours from my awesome hometown of SLC!), I knew I wanted to go! Then BLAM! Some of my greatest friends and beautimous CPs who went last year (Maddy, Akshaya, and Janella) said it was a such an awesome experience and pretty quickly, we decided that we would all go to RT together!!! Which is a bajillion times more fun than going by yourself!

To say the least, I had a pretty awesome time!!!! I got to meet up with some of my favorite favorite people in the world, AKA Maddy, Janella, Akshaya, and Katy!!!!

I really don’t understand why we don’t all live together yet in a giant cabin up in the woods writing and laughing all the time! Hands down, my favorite part of any conventions like these is getting to spend time with my amazing CPs. Seriously. I have SO. MUCH. FUN. with them every time we meet up. What was awesome about RT was that I finally got to spend more than an hour with my friend, Katy, and spend more than 12 hours with Akshaya! I got to spend some quality time with Maddy schwimming to and fro, talking about our mss and life and books in general. And of course, as usual, much, much, much laughter ensued with Janella and me.

Here is some photographic evidence 🙂 :


Akshaya, Katy, Janella, and moi making our beautiful faces shine

Janella and me living our Masquerade Dream at the hotel grocery store while Katy and Akshaya were shopping



Another amazing thing about RT was that I got to meet some of my very favorite favorite authors in the world and literary heroes, AKA RENEE AHDIEH AND MARIE RUTKOSKI!!!!!!!!! OMG I THINK I DIED!!!!!! I fangirled SO HARD. It was such an amazing experience to meet these two writers. Haha, I think everyone knows here how much I freaking love The Wrath and the Dawn and The Winner’s Trilogy. They are HUGE inspirations of mine and it was ridiculous that I actually got to meet them. I made a complete fool out of myself and Renee and Marie probably think I’m CRAZY… But really… What did you expect?? Heheh…



Wheeee!!! Alex Bracken!!! Always so adorable and cute!!!!! 

The Infamous Victoria Aveyard!!!!! She probably thought I was a real creeper given the way I kept waving to her randomly every time I saw her! 

Holy Moly, guys!!!! TAMORA PIERCE!!!!!! A legend!!!! (SUCH a funny lady, by the way!!!) 

And one of my favorite people in the world, Leigh Bardugo!!!! I love her so much!!! 

And OMG OMG OMG IT’S ME WITH MARIE RUTKOSKI GUYS!!!!!!! I’m literally tearing up as I write this!!!! *sobface*!!! 

And then, another favorite part of RT… MEETING NEW PEOPLE!!!! I met my new favorite peoples in the world, Axie and Kat!!! They are AWESOME!!!! We had so much fun with them and seriously, it felt like we’d all been friends for a long time even though it had been less than a day that we’d met (erm… does that sound weird??? Also, Kat and Axie, if you’re reading this, I hope you don’t find it weird that we all obsessed over you two… O___O )



Photo Booth fun with the RT Gang! 

And a picture of us having fun as we wait in line!!! 😀 (Akshaya had to snatch the phone away from me to take this picture because I am so abominably SUCKY at taking selfies, hahaha!!!!)

To sum up, I had the greatest time at RT! I can’t believe all the authors we got to meet and the various people that we met! I’m so excited about it still and I cannot wait until next year, which I would very much like to go to if at all possible (CURSE YOU REAL LIFE AND WORK!!!)!!!

Onto Book Con!!!!

Book Con 2016: 

I just got back from Book Con yesterday and BOY am I tired. I definitely need to rejuvenate and recover from that crazy weekend, but like RT, I had the greatest time in the world!!! I’m so sad that I couldn’t stay longer (again–CURSE YOU REAL LIFE AND WORK!!!!). I actually hadn’t planned on going because I had already taken too many days off from work, but for once, the Universe blessed me and it turned out that the clinic was going to be closed May 13th and 14th…. Which just happened to be when Book Con was!!! So, I threw caution to the wind and hopped on a plane to Chicago where I was met by my beautiful friends Maddy and Janella (who also, on a whim, hopped on a plane to Chicago… I like to say that Janella was so much obsessed with me that when she heard I was going, she just had to copy me and go to 😉 JUST KIDDING, JUJU BEAR!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!)

I digress… Anyways! It was SOOO MUCH fun!!!! Again, my favorite part was hanging out with my greatest friends in the world!!!! Maddy and Janella were there, but guess who else was there??? OMG OUR NEW BFF KAT!!!!! Yup! The Kat from RT. To say the very least, we four had an outrageous time meeting authors, getting books signed, and general madness/happiness in general.

I also got to meet a few more writerly friends that I have known online for a while, but had never met before, including my flailing partner/CP, Mic!!!!!!!! For unfortunate reasons, our timing never worked out well so that we got to hang out, but luckily, we ran into each other during lunch and YAY GOT TO MEET FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!! Seriously so awesome!!!! And we also got to meet Meg!!!! She has awesome pink hair and red glasses and is freaking adorable!! Again, due to unfortunate planning, we only got to hang out for a very short period of time, but HEY! That just means we’ll all have to get together sometime in the future to make up for it!!! (Also due to some more unfortunate circumstances, I forgot to get a picture with these two awesome ladies… NEXT TIME!!!)

Woo hoo!! Here’s some more photographic evidence for you all!!!!


Our demon-eyed gang (and demon-eyed photobomber, whom Janella shrewdly brought to our attention)


Maddy posing beautifully on her Beauty and the Beast-esque ladder bookshelf. 

Janella and Kat, plus me and Maddy’s arms 🙂

A super blurry picture of Maddy and me!!! 

Lady Elizabeth, Maddy’s kitty, who I have decided is the cutest cat in the world and I love her to death. 

The reason I love Sooz so much

Janella and me as at the famous Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville!!!!! 

Sushi dinner before going to the Sarah J. Maas signing!!!! 

Bahahah, one of my favorite pictures from Book Con!!!! > . <

Aaaaah!!! Sarah J. Maas!!!! (And before you even ask, OF COURSE I acted like a complete blathering idiot in front of her!!!)

Gotta say, I’ve been having the best time this year getting to hang out with my friends that are across the country. And of course, I can’t wait until July when we get together once more for Leviosa Con!!! EEEEEE!!! Until then, we’ll just have to stick to our usual Skyping Thudnights 😀

Yay!! I hope you guys enjoyed this!!! See ya later!!!


Merrrrrrrhhhh, I know I already used this gif before (and I think that title, too), but I need it today, guys. All right, this is going to be a whiny post that has nothing to do with writing or reading or any of the fun stuff… (You’ve been warned)…

So remember how I needed to ask professors and some physical therapists for recommendation letters. Well, I finally sucked it up and sent some emails out. The good news is that my physical therapists and professor are willing to write me a letter of recommendation. The bad news…. MERHHHHH!!! I just got an email back from one of my professors and while she was totally willing to write me a letter, she also wanted to me give her my updated resume, a draft of my personal statement, and points that I want her to talk about me. MA;ASDFLKADSJFASDL;FAS!!! I hate this guys. Okay, the updated resume is fine, but UGHHHHH a personal statement???? And worst of all: things I want her to talk about me. WHY????? Ugh, this is so hard. I have NO idea what I want her to talk about. Like… I can’t even think of examples??? I’ve never seen a recommendation letter before. I don’t know what they’re like??? MEEEEEERRRRRRRRHHHHHHH. (I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to be whiny). I think I might have to google some stuff to even figure out how I’m going to do this. And personal statement?? Okay, I don’t want to sound dumb to my professor, but WHAT IS A PERSONAL STATEMENT?? I’ve never had to write one before. I’ve seen them on businesses–like mission statements–but… I’m not in a business. Merh, I guess I’ll have to google that too. I don’t know, maybe I’m making this out to be harder than I need to, but I tend to stress the hardest when I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing and right now I have no idea what I’m doing and everything seems soooooo hard…

I should have realized this was coming. One of my friends asked this professor for a recommendation letter a year or so ago when she was applying for study abroad and she was telling me about this. But I had completely forgotten that this could be a possibility until I got the email this morning. Bah!!! If I had known, I probably would have asked another professor, but I mean, I’ve taken the most classes from her, plus she was my advisor, so naturally, she was my first choice. Haha, is it too late to back out now and be like, oh, whoops I don’t need this anymore, bye. Sadly the answer is yes, plus that would make me look like an ingrate and rude.

So that’s what I’m going to be agonizing over this morning. I’ll try and get this over with so it’s off my chest and hopefully I am blowing this out of proportion and it’s actually really simple. Crossing my fingers.

Okay, now, the other thing that I’m stressing about. I went into work yesterday and my boss asked my to cover some of my coworker’s shifts, who is leaving, while they find her replacement. She offered me a raise and everything and since I need the money, I saw no reason to refuse. BUT THEN, after I agreed, I realized that I’M GOING ON VACATION TO EUROPE FOR TWO WEEKS!!! And it’s pretty much the days that my boss asked me to work. UGHHHH. I feel so bad right now because I told everyone that I could work and now I have to go back on my word. I texted my coworkers on the off chance that anyone of them can cover those days I’m going to be gone, but I have a feeling that it’s not going to work seeing as no one was able to take those shifts before. Also, I had to text my boss and tell her that I can work before and after I go on my vacation, but not during (obviously). I haven’t heard back from anybody yet, so now I feel like everyone at works hates me and is probably complaining about me behind my back. It really sucks though, because I HATE having to be so flaky. Ugh, next time, I just need to look at my calendar and really THINK about my other obligations before I say yes to anything. Bah, the messes I get myself into…

AND THEN, my coworker asked if I could work for her next Thursdays and I was like sure!!! Only to realize that the Sarah J Maas event is that evening. I mean, it’s not really a problem because I’m working 1-5pm and the event is at 6:30pm, but the thing is, I KNOW it’s going to be ridiculously crowded and I need to get there early. Luckily, work isn’t too far away from the bookstore, but I’d like to be there, by the latest, at 5:15 or so… I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to leave work right at 5, but who knows what’ll happen? Ideally, I’d like to leave work at around 4:45 or so, just in case there’s bad traffic or something (rush hour time). I don’t know what’ll happen though and that’s what making me nervous.

On another (less whiny) note, I learned that Sarah is only going to be signing three books per person (including Queen of Shadows), which I kind of knew to expect, so I’m not surprised, but still bummed considering I have seven books that I’d loooooove to be signed. So know I’m trying to decide which books I’m going to have signed. As of now, I’m thinking Heir of Fire and A Court of Thorns and Roses… I feel like I’m pretty set on those for now, but who knows? I might have a sudden change of heart. Maybe if I stand in line again, they’ll let me get more books signed? Do you think that’s a possibility?? Hahah, so maybe I should just take ALL my Sarah’s books and see what happens???

Well, I think that’s enough whining for one morning, right?? Sigh, I guess I better go write that personal statement and find things for my professor to talk about. I’M COUNTING ON YOU GOOGLE, DON’T LET ME DOWN NOW!!!!


In Which More Flailing Occurs



I’ll be seeing both Leigh Bardugo AND Sarah J. Maas this fall!!! WHAT IS HAPPENING?? (And whatever is happening–please don’t stop!!!) I’m so unbelievably excited!! Once again, high-pitched squealing, screaming, and incessant jumping occurred!! And I think I once again, I woke my brother up from his sleep, haha. But no regrets or shame!!!

I saw Leigh Bardugo last spring at the LA Times Book Festival, but I didn’t get to talk to her or get my books signed since I was in California and my poor books were at home here in Utah. Coincidentally, it was also the same place where I first met Sarah J. Maas (they were on a panel together with Marissa Meyer, too!!)

And then, if you can believe it, I was supposed to see Leigh at a Fierce Reads event down when I was in Las Vegas last summer, but unfortunately that was when she got seriously ill and had to be hospitalized and couldn’t make it to the event. It was super sad cause I had all my books with me, eagerly waiting for them to be signed!!

But yay!!! I’m so excited she’ll be coming here in October!! Her Grisha Trilogy is fantastic and Ruin and Rising was one of THE BEST endings I’ve ever read!! Seriously, might be my favorite ending to a series ever!! SO GOOD!!! She’s also another author I never expected to come to Salt Lake, so woooooooooo!!! Glad to be proven wrong!! 😀

And I CANNOT wait for Six of Crows to come out!! Another arc I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to schnag through contests and whatnot. But whatever!! So excited for it and it’s going to be amazing, I can already tell!!!

Anyways, that’s really all I had to say. Just a lot of freaking out and flailing from me!!

Thanks guys!! 🙂

Ps~ Also, I think I’m gonna go to Smash Burger for lunch!! Bonus!!! 😀

Things are HAPPENING!!!

So lots of things have been happening (as you can probably surmise from the title of this post), which is somewhat odd for me because I feel like very, very little goes on in my life. But here’s what’s been going on!

1. My dog was pretty sick this past Wednesday. We have NO idea why! But he was having pretty intense seizures and throwing up and losing control of his bladder, and all kinds of stuff. So we took him to the vet to see what was going on and he got bloodwork done as well as a couple of x-rays and other tests, but seems everything was unremarkable and nothing unusual was going on. I was super worried for a while there, because he is old (11 years!!!), but fortunately, he seems to be back to his usual bouncy, barky, perky self!! I’m still kind of worried, if only because he’s old and we couldn’t figure out why he was sick, but for the most part, he seems better so my worries are dimmed. The only thing that concerns me now, is that when we went to the vet, they told us Tiger (my dog) had lost TWO pounds!!! Okay, so in human terms that doesn’t seem so bad, but considering he was only six pounds to start with… Yeah, so he lost a third of his weight, which was super worry-making! So now my goal is to fatten him up!! We’ve been giving him chicken and broth, so hopefully that’ll help!


Whoops! So I wrote the paragraph above yesterday, but then got distracted and didn’t finish. And well, it seems I have spoken too soon, my friends. My dog threw up at 6am this morning and UGH, it was on my bed. Yeah… So I had to clean that up, which was disgusting because it was everything he’d eaten for the past two days. But the doctor prescribed him some anti-nausea medication that’ll hopefully stop that. (She gave it to us Thursday, but since he wasn’t throwing up, I held off giving it to him–well! We know how that ended!! 😀 )

Also, it’s kind of funny, but Tiger (my dog) keeps throwing up or peeing on CARPET. I mean, he threw up on the shaggiest, most rugged, hardest-to-clean rug ever!! I don’t know why he does this or if it’s even a conscious decision on my part, but it kind of makes me laugh that he chooses the worst places ever to do his stuff. Hahah, of course, I’ve got to clean that, so it’s a little less laughable, but I still think it’s kinda funny.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.36.39 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.37.39 AM

2. I got to hang out with my friends Friday (Pioneer Day)! It was a lot of fun! We watched fireworks and went crazy with a bunch of sparklers!! We actually were supposed to go see Inside Out (which I have been DYING to see), but OH DEAR, we had, as my friend called it, an “EPIC COMMUNICATION FAIL”. I ended up going to a movie theater half an hour away from my house. My friend ended up at another movie and my other friend thought we were meeting Saturday and was at Cafe Rio. Hahaha, so yeaaaaah. Did not work out. But regardless, we had a lot of fun just hanging out!! And we agreed to watch Inside Out when it came to the dollar theaters!  😀

(For the record, we agreed to meet at the theater I was at. I’m being smug, but I can’t help it!!)

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.37.16 AMScreen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.37.24 AM


Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.38.55 AM

ISN’T IT AMAZING???!!! SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH–that’s me!!!! As you can tell, I am SO EXCITED!!! I seriously never thought Sarah would come to Salt Lake City! I met her just a little over a year ago at the LA Times Book Festival, but I’m dying to see her again and get the rest of my books signed!!

Funny story: When I saw that she was coming here, I literally freaked. I was actually taking a test at the time (online) and decided to take a break when I saw her tour announcement! I started screaming and jumping up and down and going crazy (as usual).

And then I tweeted this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.56.01 AM

And look who favorited!!! YUP!!! 😀 None other than the amazing Sarah J. Maas!!!

But continuing on. We were having lunch a couple hours later and my brother turns to my mom and asks, “Were you screaming earlier??” Hahahaha, turns out that was moi. Haha, my little excited scream apparently woke my brother up (who was upstairs in his room). I am shamefully unashamed of that! 😀

So, I’m gonna go buy my tickets soon! And I think there might be a books per person limit, so I’ll have to ask the bookstore about that too! But SO EXCITED!!!! Last time I met her, I acted like a total blubbering idiot, shaking and all, so hopefully I’ll be a little more in control this time, but I can’t guarantee it. But of course, Sarah being the most amazing person ever, did a very good job of not seeming freaked out at my weirdness!

4. This is actually what’s not been happening, and unfortunately, that would be WRITING. With my dog being sick and having homework, a test, and an essay due soon, I barely got any writing done this week!! EEK! Luckily, that’s hopefully what I’m going to be working on today!! I’m revising my Chapter 4! I still don’t know how fast I can work during revising, so I’m having a hard time setting goals, but I’m hoping that once I get into the groove of things, I’ll figure out what kind of pace I work at and be able to see from there.

5. Yay!! My Big Bang CD came this week!! I’m so excited!! My obsession with Big Bang has grown stronger and more obsessive than ever!! I’ll probably need to do a separate post on this, but OMG SO OBSESSED!! I’ve particularly been obsessed with this song….

WOW FANTASTIC BABY!! I think it might become my new catchphrase, hahaah!! This song (as well as other Big Bang songs) have been looping around my head constantly these days. I’ve been going around singing BOOM SHAKALAKA BOOM SHAKALAKA and right now (literally RIGHT NOW) I have Bae Bae stuck in my head.

(And OMG, not kidding, guys, my mom JUST started singing Bae Bae!! What’s happening???!!!)

So that’s been my life these past few days!! I’m determined to get more writing done this next coming week and hopefully actually see some progress!!!

That’s it for today!! (Need to get to revising!) Bye!!

The Curse is Broken!!!

Yay!!! I broke the curse tonight!! I went to J.R. Johanssen’s book launch for her third book in the Nightwalker trilogy, Mania, and guess what?? My book event friend wasn’t there, which usually means I run into that one kid from high school, but lo and behold!!! The curse is broken!! Well, at least for now (I probably just jinxed it but that’s a problem for later!) I didn’t see anyone from high school!! And I run into a surprising number of people I knew from high school at the bookstore–most of time, I can get away with it though, since I don’t think they remember me! Yay!! (I sound like a lunatic, I know).

But I think that’s the thing about curses; they get you went you’re least expecting it. I mean, I was all prepared tonight to run into people from high school and… No one. Isn’t it Ender’s Game where Peter is being all threatening and saying how he’s going wait and wait and wait and just when they think the threat is over, he’s going to strike?? Well, that’s kind of how I think my curse works…

Anyways, in slighter more important/relevant/less weird news… I’m done re-outlining!!! WOO HOO!! I finished this past Wednesday and since then I’ve been taking a mini-break! And OMG I’ve read the MOST AMAZING books ever!!! I feel like I’m saying that a lot lately, but what can I say? 2015 has been a great year so far for books! I’ve read so many books that I’ve completely fallen in love with and the most recent two are Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh. OMG they are both fabulous!!! I’m actually going to write up two separate posts on these books because, well, I’ve got waaaay too much to say about them and they’re sooooo awesome that they warrant their own post!!

I also watched Memento last night! And OMG if you guys haven’t seen Memento, YOU MUST!! Yes, that is an order!! It’s an AMAZING amazing amazing film. Christopher Nolan is a GENIUS. It’s crazy because every time–every time–I watch Memento, I am blown away. Every. Single. Time. I am a huge huge huge fan of Christopher Nolan (he’s my favorite film writer/director) and god, he’s BRILLIANT! Again, I’ll probably do a separate post on my love for Christopher Nolan and his films. But anyways, I ended up watching his movie because I actually have to write a paper on it for my Abnormal Psychology class. I basically finished that up today, but I’ll have to run through it a couple more times, because there are parts that I don’t like and I’ll probably just tighten things up, write the conclusion, and voila! be done with it! 😀 Also, I think I might watch Memento again tonight. Ugh, I can’t get enough!!!! Where’s Nolan’s next movie????

I’ve seriously been overloaded with such great stuff these last few days and I feel like I’m in this constant state of WOOOOAH OMG AAAAAH! But of course, that’s a really good thing, because that’s a rare thing. It doesn’t happen everyday and it’s makes me so so happy when it does!! It’s absolutely the best feeling in the world!!

And to top it all off, guess what I saw on Twitter today??? *drum roll please*!!….

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 8.47.51 PM

ISN’T IT GORGEOUS??? I’m drooling!! I had a freakout session earlier with one of my friends (Hi, Amanda!!!) and now I just have the worst craving ever for this book!! I mean–LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL?? And it’s so big!! (I love me some big books!! :)) In a somewhat disappointing story, I showed my mom this picture and she was thoroughly unimpressed. She is totally not into the fantasy genre so she totally doesn’t get it. Her loss, AM I RIGHT??? Hahah, so yeah, I showed her this picture, she told me it looked too dark, I told her it was dark, she said dark books were ugh, and then I said dark books are the best, blah, blah blah! 🙂 Come on, we all know I’M right!!!

Aaaaand, last thing for today… So I’m officially starting my revisions tomorrow! EEEEEEE!! As excited as I am to actually get into writing this thing and implementing all my new ideas that I looooove, I can’t help but be a little nervous. It’s weird, when I was outlining, all I wanted to do was start writing, but now, it’s starting to feel a little intimidating. But I really am excited for this and talking about it has actually amped me up again (yay!) I really do think my new changes are going to make this book 1000000x better and already, I love the new stuff I’ve put into it and it feels a lot less crappy now. Soooo, I guess I’ve gotta take the next step and actually make those changes! I’m not really sure what my daily goals are going to be for revisions, since I don’t know what speed I work at and how much is really possible for me, but considering I have to rewrite a whole lot of my story, I think it might be reasonable to stick to a word count goal for some and maybe a couple of chapter goals?? I’m not really sure at this point. I guess I’ll figure it out as I go!!!

Well, that’s all I got for you guys today!! As always, thanks for reading through my incessant rambling!! 🙂 Have a good Friday!!

I Have a Problem


So, I know posted just yesterday, but I just hhaaaave to say something!! I went to Jessica Day George’s book event tonight for her new book Silver in the Blood! Which sounds pretty good, right?? UM, sort of…

Usually, I see my friend at these YA book events–that’s actually where we met! And for some reason, we haven’t been keeping in contact well enough to be like, “Let’s go to this one.” It’s more like we show up and then happen to see each other there like, “HEY! It’s you again! :)”

Anyways, I’m pretty sure I’m cursed because every time she doesn’t show up to one of these book events, I run into this kid from my high school. For normal people I’m sure this is no problem, but OMG I am NOT normal. I’m SUPER awkward! Awkward is my super power–seriously, you do not want to be stuck in a room alone with me (unless we’re friends, of course! No worries, guys! :))

HAAAAA! So yup. It happened again tonight. Yes–again! It happened a couple of months ago at the David Levithan book event I went to and I was going to mention my curse then, but I forgot about it and then it was already in the past. It was somewhat embarrassing too, because I’m sure it was REALLY obvious I was trying to avoid this kid–not cause he’s a jerk or anything–like I said–*points to self* AWKWARD! But no! The curse is stronger than ever! Part of me wants to go up to him and be like WHY DO YOU KEEP COMING HERE? THIS IS MY SANCTUARY!! But I have a feeling that would not go over well. Hahaha. Luckily tonight, my avoidance skills were ninja enough for me to not have to interact with him (which sounds terrible, I know!!) or it’s possible that he was also quietly pretending he didn’t see me either! For most of the talk, I was blissfully unaware anyway because he was sitting behind me… Ahhhh, I have problems!

Anyways, I just thought that was painfully hilarious, so I thought I’d mention it–you know, get it off my chest! Maybe someday, somehow I’ll be able to break the curse! Or even better, maybe I’ll just stop being awkward–though that does sound pretty unlikely….

Also, another weird thing happened: I saw a peacock on my way back home from the event. Yes–a peacock! I don’t know what it was doing or if it had fled from the zoo, Madagascar style, but I was looking out my window and there it was–just pecking at the grass, walking along the sidewalk. It was strange. My mom is joking that I’m hallucinating because I took medicine for my cold (ugh, yes, I have a cold right now–it sucks). But it’s true! I saw it! It was there!

So now I know for a FACT that the universe is trying to tell me something. (I’m not sure what yet?? Get over my fear of talking to my old high school people??)

Hahaha, okay, I’m going to quit while I’m still ahead… Thanks for humoring me on my weird social awkwardness adventures! 😀 I’m gonna go do some more outlining/brainstorming work on my story now!

David Levithan Book Event!


I love going to book events! I started going sometime around last year when I realized that my local bookstore has tons of events to go to! It’s awesome being able to meet authors and get my books signed and I have been having so much fun at them! Now, the bookstore people know me by name! Woo hoo!!

This last Tuesday, David Levithan came to talk about his new book Hold Me Closer! I’ll admit: Though I really try to read author’s books before I meet them, it doesn’t always happen. There are so many books to read and with the amount of events there are, it’s hard to keep up with! Anyways, I know David Levithan is the author and co-author of many many books, but I always associate him as the author of Every Day. Every Day is one of those books that I kept going back to, reading the synopsis, but ultimately not reading it because it didn’t really seem like my type of book. So, I’m really glad David Levithan came to my bookstore! I bought a copy of Every Day and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist to get signed and while I was waiting, I opened up Every Day and started reading the first page. And oh my goodness! It sucked me right in! I usually kind of ease into books, but this one caught me right away. I started reading and I didn’t want to stop! I was so absorbed in my reading that I didn’t even know that David Levithan was standing right behind me! I finally stopped when he went up to talk! (I finished Every Day the next day, too!)



Here’s a picture of David Levithan introducing himself and his new book, Hold Me Closer!


David Levithan was so much fun to listen to! He is great at speaking to audiences and he had a bunch of fun stories to tell! I only wish he had had more time to talk some more. David Levithan is very funny and, did you guys know he’s an editor as well? He talked about how he is an editor during the weekdays and he writes only during the weekends! Isn’t that crazy? I totally didn’t know that and I think it’s amazing that he’s able to write with another job and everything (although, admittedly, a lot of authors do the same, which I really respect).


                    photo-2  photo-3


Here are my newly bought copies of Every Day and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist! And then my signed copy of Every Day! Aren’t they beautiful?

By the way, I enjoyed Every Day so much! I think the ending was absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to read Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. I remember one of my roommates was obsessed with this book and after reading Every Day, I have high expectations for it as well as other books by David Levithan!


Well, I’ll see you guys later!!