Fox Story Goals

It’s that time again! WOO! Goals!!!

My awesome CP Amanda and I have created a calendar to share our goals, but I also like having one place where I can see my goals, so I’m writing up this post as well!!!

So, here’s my game plan!



  • Research- unlike my other projects before, Fox Story is going to take a lot more research than I’ve ever done! I’m really excited for it and I’m determined to really get a solid foundation before I start writing! I’ve ordered lots of books, I’ve been listening to podcasts, reading poetry, myths, literature all in the name of research!
  • Outline- during this time, I shall also being outlining my story! I’ve got a basic idea of what I want to do, but I’m definitely going to have to do some brainstorming and outlining to really get my story in place. Of course, research will be helping me out a lot during this time!



  • Draft- For once, I’ll possibly be drafting during NaNoWriMo! Ideally, ideally, I would like to finish this draft in a month. With work (and with how my first drafts in the past have been rather lengthy), I’m not sure how possible that actually is, but I would definitely like to get this draft done as fast as I can!  I’ve given myself a couple of months, by which I should most definitely have a first draft complete, but the sooner the better!



  • Revision Round 1- I’ve found that the Second Draft (aka Revision Round 1) is always the most arduous, longest process! I’ve given myself four months to get this second draft in place. Per my experience, this has been a complete rewrite for me and I’m prepared to do it again! Again, if I finish sooner, AWESOME! But I have found that the second draft will be the slowest and I don’t want to rush revisions, so if four months is the time I need to get it right, then so be it!



  • Revision Round 2- Then onto Draft 3! This (again, speaking ideally) should go much faster than the first round of revisions! And again, I’ve given myself a lengthy amount of time to get these done and therefore (hopefully) shouldn’t have too much trouble staying on deadline!



  • CPs- Hopefully by this time, I’ll have a draft ready to send to my CPs for some feedback! Of course, it’ll depend on how busy they are and how soon they can get back to me, but I would love to have this back as soon as possible and get going on their feedback!



  • Revision Round 3- Again, though this will be highly dependent on what my lovely CPs have to say about Fox Story, but I think my goal will be to finish implementing feedback by the end of August!



  • Query- Eep!! Hopefully by this time next year, I will be ready to query!



Now, of course, this is all very tentative. It all depends on how well the story speaks to me and how fast or slow I work! While I know what I need to do and my deadlines for researching and drafting are pretty set in stone, I’ve found that making goals for revisions are much harder for me. Ha, in the past they’ve taken me longer than I had anticipated. Of course, I tried to take that into account as I made this schedule, but sometimes you just have to see how it rolls!

I’ll admit, seeing the amount of time I need to get this story right made my heart sink a little. To know how long it’ll take it. But as much as I want to be impatient and how much I want this story to be done fast, I know I’m being realistic. I take a long time to write and if that’s what I need to get a good story, that’s what I’ll do. So yeah… Even though it makes me sad that it’ll be a long, long, long year before I can send my story out, hey, it’s what I gotta do!

(Oh and FYI, I know I wrote down only three rounds of revisions (for the sake of goals), but WOAH, I know I’m going to need more than that!! It’ll probably be closer to like fifty, ha ha….)

Well, hope you enjoyed seeing my goals! I certainly had fun writing them out!

Have a great Friday, everybody!! I’ll see ya later! 😀


7 thoughts on “Fox Story Goals

  1. Akshaya R. says:

    Ahh Erin I love this! I TOTALLY feel you on the many months it takes for revisions but 1) you’re NOT alone and 2) your book is going to be SOO amazing for all that time spent ❤ Your goals sound very realistic and well-thought out and I know you're going to crush them. I can't wait to read your wonderful new book!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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