A New Direction

Hi everyone!!

So last week, I was at Leviosa Con where I got to pitch to some wonderful, wonderful agents. Pitch sessions can be nerve-wracking, but the best part of it always is being able to talk with the agents one-on-one and getting know them personally, rather than through a computer screen. It’s always such a great experience and I’m super happy with how my pitch sessions went this time around. I learned a lot from them, but most of all, I came away with very valuable advice.

One of the agents I pitched to asked me what my next project was and so I told her about one of the ideas I’ve been playing around with. It’s an idea I got about a year ago (almost exactly, funnily enough) and one of the ideas I’m most excited about. So, I was happy to hear that this agent found my idea interesting as well and in fact, said she was more interested in this new project than my current one. She gave her reasons for it, which I very much agreed with as they were things that had been running through my mind as well.

Ever since then, I’ve been thinking a lot, a lot, a lot about the advice I was given. I just couldn’t get it out of my head. It resonated with me so much.

So after much, much deliberation, I’ve decided to put Faerie Story aside and focus on my new project.

[Fun side note: Faerie Story no longer has faeries in it, but that’s a conversation for later!!]

It wasn’t an easy decision to make in that I feel like I’ve worked on Faerie Story for a long time and put a lot of effort into it and it’s not fun to give that all up. It wasn’t easy in that my pride was saying NOOOOOOO YOU CAN’T STOP NOW. It wasn’t easy in that it kind of made me sad to think about shelving a project I’ve been working on for about a year now… BUT, it was an easy decision in that I think I knew where my heart lied (laid? lay?–I never know–EEP!!!!)

The advice this agent gave to me rang very true. It was something I had always thought about, but at the time, it was more important for me to learn to revise and stay with a project than skip to a new one, no matter how excited I was about it. However, things are different now. I’m confident that I can revise a project and stick with it even when things get hard, which no doubt, they always do. I’m a little frightened by this new course I’m taking and it definitely is nerve-wracking, but in the end, I’m content with my decision and I really think I’m making the right decision for me. I’m really excited about it and it’s a story idea that I’ve loved from the very beginning–most likely my favorite idea. It’s never happy-making to abandon a project, but it’s not going to be for always. I love Faerie Story enough that I know that it is something I will go back to. It’s just not the right project for me right now.

Soooooo, onwards and upwards! I’m excited about this new direction and I’m excited to see where it will take me! It’s going to be a long journey, but I feel good about it!

Anyways, I just feel like I needed to write this post and officially get it out in the air. A kind of good-bye post to Faerie Story and hello to what I will now be referring to as Fox Story.

As always, thank you for reading my crazy ramblings!

A particular shout-out to my loveliest, bestest, wisest friend and incredible CP, Amanda, who gave me the advice I needed to get going in this new direction and, especially, for being excited about it! <33333333 It was everything I needed hear and more!!!



8 thoughts on “A New Direction

  1. Gloria says:

    Best of luck, Erin! I went through something similar. I felt like my first manuscript was fighting for a spot in an oversaturated market, and I made the tough decision to let it go and focus on the #ownstory idea that I couldn’t stop thinking about. And in retrospect, my gut was right! But it was really hard!

    I thought I’d share that in case it helped you feel even more confident about your decision! And congratulations on the agent interest! How wonderful to start the story knowing that you already have interest! Happy writing! 🙂

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