Progress Report: Draft 6 Week 2 (6/2016-6/26/16)



Weekly Word Count: 10,183/17,500

Monday: 1,565/2,000

I set a higher-than-normal goal for myself today because of my YASSS GONNA WRITE ALL THE WORDS determination. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make my goal. I had a little later-than-usual start time for work, so I did manage to get in about 400 words or so in the morning. However, I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep over the past week or so, so after lunch today, I took a nap and OMG I slept for a half an hour longer than I meant to. I woke up SUPER groggy (bleh) and had to wait about a half an hour for my head to clear again (I also drank some iced tea!) I was about to start writing when my dad came home, not realizing that he was supposed to pick up Husker Pups from daycare (*clutchy face emoji*). So, my mother sent me to fetch Husker Pups and by the time I got home, it was time for dinner. So with all that going on, I didn’t get to start writing until around 6:30pm. All in all, I’m still feeling pretty good about how much I wrote and how it went. A little jerkier than my previous chapter, but I’m hoping it’ll smooth itself out and gather some momentum as I keep going. I’m going to try and stick to my higher word counts this week, but we’ll see how that goes!

Tuesday: 3,005/2,000

All in all, a pretty steady, flowy writing day for me. It was super exciting because I unexpectedly got the day off work, so yaaaaaay! Writing all the words!!! Anyways, I feel pretty good about what I wrote and I’m happy with the progress I’m making!

Wednesday: 3,023/3,000

Yay! Another pretty solid day! I had a great time working on this scene/chapter! It wasn’t the easiest scene to write at first, but once I got into it, I really started liking it! It also took me down some paths that I didn’t expect it to, but in a really great way! As always, happy to be making progress! I met my goal a little bit earlier than usual so I rewarded myself by watching a bunch of Leigh Bardugo interviews for a few hours and somehow by the end of it, I was watching Phantom of the Opera videos, which is kind of funny because Leigh once told me that she HATES Phantom of the Opera and Andrew Lloyd Webber (yes, it kind of broke my heart to hear that, but it’s okay because Six of Crows killed me anyway!) So very ironic that Leigh Bardugo and Phantom somehow got linked on YouTube.

Thursday: 590/1,500

Friday: 0/3,000

Saturday: ~500/3,000

Sunday: ~1,500/3,000

Oh boy guys… Did not do so well this week. The first part of the week was fine–great, actually, but then, I hit a bit of a schnag halfway through the week, which was actually a result of many things. The first was that I made a wrong turn in my ms and it took a little bit of time for me to figure out how the scene/chapter actually should have played out. That meant deleting words and rewriting a couple of chapters I had written, which is always hard to face, but I’ve done it now and it’s all good (or at least, dear God, I hope it is!!!!!) The other one was that I was exhausted. I hadn’t been getting much sleep at all and it finally caught up to me. I was so completely slammed on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So sleepy and tired. So I slept most of the weekend.

I’ll admit, I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to write as much (although, woah, granted, I made a pretty high goal for myself, looking back….). This week was pretty optimal in that I had very little work. Unfortunately things don’t always pan out the way you want them to (in fact, the days where I plan to do the most writing are usually the ones where I get the least writing done…). Anyways, hitting a rough patch happens in every manuscript and while it has taken away from my momentum, I’m determined to get it back! If there’s anything that you learn from writing is that you don’t let the bad days define your writing. I’ve been obsessively watching Leigh Bardugo interviews latelyand she talks about momentum a lot and how important it is to not let a bad day become a bad week become a bad year and on and on. I FULLY believe that. SO HARD. It’s very easy to go into what I call “spiraling”. It’s easy to pile on the bad things and just focus on everything that is going wrong in your life. I’ve definitely had those days where I’ve thought “everything sucks right now and everything in my life that could possibly go wrong is going wrong.” It’s true that there are bad days. And as cheesy as it sounds, you’ve got to stay positive. It’s very easy to go spiraling if you let yourself. Not to say that staying positive when times are tough is easy, but it’s what you have to aim for.

Like Ron Weasley says, “DON’T LET THE MUGGLES GET YOU DOWN!”

(The Muggles being bad days in this case πŸ˜‰ )

Anyways, wow… I did not mean to go all gung-ho on you guys, but I guess I needed to get that out there! Here’s to a better week and hopefully even finishing up this new section!!



2 thoughts on “Progress Report: Draft 6 Week 2 (6/2016-6/26/16)

  1. Amanda says:

    Damn girl, you are flying!!! You may have had some slow days this week but 10K isn’t shabby at all! That’s like close to NaNo pace! The cult is behind you for all the support as you work through this draft! You can do it – love you Erin!!! OOTW is gonna be even better I know it!!! (But ya know, I could always read it and confirm for sure… πŸ˜‰) 😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    • erinkbay says:

      AHHHHHH WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME FEEL SO WARM AND FUZZY INSIDE!!!!!!! I love you so much!!!!!!! Your support and enthusiastic cheerleading is the best! You’ve totally made my day! Although to be fair, you make my day EVERYDAY!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

      Liked by 1 person

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