Interview with Mic On Getting Her Agent!!!

So, you know how they say good things come in three?? First, Janella signed with her agent, and now OMG MY TALENTED AND AMAZING FRIEND MIC SIGNED WITH HER AGENT, THE WONDERFUL HEATHER FLAHERTY FROM THE BENT AGENCY!!!

How crazy is this guys? Not just one of my friends getting an agent, but TWO!!!! Two of my seriously talented friends have agents (and this is no surprise considering how hard they’ve worked and how amazing they are!) (Okay, so I know this are only two good things, but who knows!!!!! Maybe someone else is signing as we speak! More good things are sure to come!)

Anyways, Mic, who is a wonderful human being and friend and is always up for the best and worst of flailing about books and authors, answered a few questions for me!!! Well, here goes!!!


1.So, Mic!!! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to be a writer and what you write!

Hi Erin 🙂 Thank you so much for having me! I’m a born and raised New Yorker–so I walk fast, take immense pride in my subway knowledge, and can’t sleep in silence. I’m a fangirl of all things Disney, Broadway, and books. Oh, and Food Network. I also really like penguins. I’m happiest at a concert, by the water, or with tea.

I just kind of fell into writing. When I was little, I used to make up stories my best friend and I would act out. We called it The Imagination Game–and to this day I still suck at naming stuff. Then a little thing called High School Musical happened when I was 10 and… I started writing fanfiction. I wish I could say I started with Harry Potter fanfiction, but it was HSM. I carried around a binder all through middle school and wrote during class and all the boys would ask me what I was writing. I don’t remember what I said. I probably lied. Eventually, I stopped writing fanfic and started wondering if I could maybe write my own stuff. Now, I write YA and bounce between contemporary and fantasy mostly, but am musing on a sci-fi idea right now.


2.Did you know this book was The One? 

Maybe. I’m not sure exactly. I definitely felt like it was something special and I loved working on it. Everything kind of feels like The One when I’m writing, though. It kind of has to for me, in order to push through the days when all the words suck or a scene isn’t working.


3.What’s your favorite part about writing? 

I really love voice. I love building it and uncovering all its quirks. I especially love when I’m editing in the later stages and read a scene and immediately know, “My character wouldn’t say this, that’s why this doesn’t sound right/is boring.” Voice and character for me are what tend to hook me when I’m reading, and it’s definitely what hooks me when writing, too. I also love funny or awkward character dynamics, especially when characters who are opposites or enemies have to work together. As much as I love characters being adorable together and getting along, there’s also something wonderful about different kinds of relationships.


4.What was the hardest part about querying? 

Hmm… maybe staying confident? There are definitely days that are dark and horrible, and then other days that are euphoric. The waiting is also hard, but publishing is one long waiting game, and querying is the first taste of it.


5.How did you know that you found the right agent? 

Oh man, beware: Gushing Ahead. I felt so right about Heather the moment she emailed me back telling me she’d move some stuff around so we could have our call, despite my timeline being inconvenient for her. Right away I felt like she cared if she was going to make me a priority before even speaking to me. I felt so comfortable emailing back and forth with her from the beginning, which put me at ease before our call. Then when we finally spoke she was so spot on about little details in my manuscript and we eventually just started talking about other things. At some point during the call I just kind of knew I was going to sign with her, and it was the best feeling in the world.


6.How did you celebrate getting an agent?

I bought myself a bunch of books? I didn’t actually really do anything, which now sounds so horrible! But I had a biopsych exam the day we announced, so was kind of in class while my phone went insane and the Twitter app actually died on me. All the outpouring of love and support I got was kind of already the best celebration.

But back to those books I mentioned! Emery Lord was here for her launch event, so I bought myself ALL of her books! I figured I’d earned it, plus I love her, so I knew a signed collection was a good investment. Heather actually got notes to me just a few days after accepting, so I got right back into editing like nothing had happened. Heather’s notes and ideas actually made me fall back in love with my manuscript and see new sides to it, and that too, was its own wonderful celebration.


7.What advice do you have for writers digging it in the query trenches? 

FIND YOUR PEOPLE! Seriously, find the people who love you and your words and just cling to them for dear life. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have the Pitch Wars group, my CPs, and friends cheering me on and boosting my confidence whenever I felt low. Also, I know it’s hard, but write something new. It’ll make you feel better to know you have something else going on and you are capable of more words (and you ARE capable of more words). Know that agents are not out there to crush your dreams. Don’t read too much into form responses. Try to stay positive, do things that make you happy, take time away from stalking your inbox. It’s hard, but love yourself, and your time will come.

Thanks so much, Mic, for doing this!!! I hope you guys enjoyed this!!! NOW EVERYONE PLEASE CONGRATULATE MIC ON HER NEW AGENT!!!!!!

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