Ready. Set. Go. : Draft 4

Come Monday (aka TOMORROW), I will be starting Draft 4 of Faerie Story!!!!!! GULP. This is kind of what I feel like:


There really isn’t much purpose to this post except that I felt like I had to officially announce my start! I’m excited for these next round of revisions! It’s been almost two weeks (12 days) since I last looked at my WIP! I’ve been spending my small break catching up on that never-ending TBR of books, brainstorming, and going to the gym! I did a lot of thinking about characters and backstory and world and while I don’t feel as though I’ve got absolutely everything in place, I feel like I’m ready to hop back into my draft. (Let’s face it–I could easily procrastinate forever and ever by brainstorming and never start on my revisions!)Β I’m not sure how long this draft will take me nor what kind of things I’ll find when I read over my draft, but for now, I’m excited about it. Sure, I have my dark moments of doubt when I realize just HOW MUCH I need to fix and doubting whether I’m really up to the task! But hey! I won’t know unless I try! And guess what? I can take as many drafts as I need to clean this mess of a story up. I don’t have to fix everything at once. That’s the beauty of writing. I can take it piece by piece. It’s only when I forget that I get completely overwhelmed by HOW CRAPPY THIS STUPID DRAFT IS!!! So gotta remember!!! πŸ™‚

That said, I’m super excited to see where I’ll be by the end of Draft 4. Draft 1 was TERRIBLE. Draft 2 was equally GARBAGE. Draft 3–still horrible, BUT,Β it’s actually starting to take shape and look like the story I’ve been wanting to tell! As you can see, progress has been very very slow–but it’s there!!Β So Draft 4? Who knows what’ll happen!!!

Regardless of what happens, I AM SUPER EXCITED!!! So there!!! πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “Ready. Set. Go. : Draft 4

  1. Katy Pool says:

    You can do it Erin!!! I’m so excited for you and I will be cheering you on from my own WIP-break (where I have inexplicably been watching lots of episodes of Chopped???)


    • erinkbay says:

      Dawwww!!! Katy, you precious thing!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!! And OMG enjoy your break!! I’m so excited for you and your storyyyyyyy!!!!! EEEK! You must send it over as soon as you feel ready!!!!! And bahaha, Chopped is that cooking show right?? >.< Bahah!!


      • Nicolette Elzie says:

        ERIN!!!!! ^.^ Ahhhh, you’re amazing and your comment makes me feel soooo sunny and fluffy and all giggly!!!! Thanks so much!!! I’m so glad that you like my blog *fans self* Good luck on the writing!! My own edits have been kicking my butt these past few days (hence being MIA from the blog, sorry for suuuuuch a horrendously late reply!) *hugs*

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