Friday Goings!


So YAY!!!! Yesterday I wrote some schtuff about goals and writing and all sort of other stuff and now I will report back!!!!

Dance-wise: OMG I WENT TO CLASS!!!!! And it was GREAT!!!!! I had so much fun and I cannot wait till I get to go again (which unfortunately because of my work schedule will be next Thursday)!!!! Bahaha, as was predicted, there was nothing scary or nerve-wracking about the class. The teacher that I thought was going to teach didn’t, but it was an awesome class and I also know this teacher from before and I loved her class. I’m not sure if she remembers me… She might?? Either way, it’s all good!!! Yay!! Also, I felt surprisingly good. My stamina has gone WAAAAAAAAY down and I can definitely feel it, but other than that I didn’t feel too shabby!! Haha, after some jumps my calves started cramping and I’m definitely going to be sore tomorrow, but hey!! NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!! (Hahah, okay, so that’s not strictly true, but it certainly is fitting for today 😉 )

Writing-wise: Yay!!! I (think) I finished my “first” chapter! Well, technically it’s my second chapter because there was a good place to split it (so I did)!! But for now, the very first part of the beginning is written! It’s hard to tell because I’ve changed a lot, but I think my beginning might be getting longer… I’m not sure yet, but I am slightly worried, just because long beginnings/starting too early seems to be one of my greatest strengths! Haha, and unfortunately it is a strength that I do not want!! But for now, I’m happy with it and happy with where it’s going, so I’m just going to focus on the now and focus on the later… later.

Event-wise: Wooooo! As soon as I finish up my blog post, I will be outta here and hopefully be back with some pictures to share!!

Well, I guess this concludes my report!!! Be back later!!! Byyyyyyeeeeeee!!!


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