Haaaa… I don’t really know what I mean by that title. I know I had an awesome title name but then I forgot it, but I have that vague feeling that it kind had the same tone/feel as I’VE BEAT THE SYSTEM which is why I decided to use it even though it doesn’t really make sense…. Also, fair warning, there might me a lot of ranting in this post! Bear with me!! 😀

So I’ve been a little bit MIA and that is because I’ve been on vacation in Europe (got back last Saturday) and I’ve been working like crazy to get my physical therapy application submitted! Aaaaaand, I can now tell you that, yes, I HAVE OFFICIALLY APPLIED TO PHYSICAL THERAPY SCHOOL. My god, those applications are the most stressful things I have ever had to do. There are just so many things that you rely on other people for and in my case, that was what caused so much trouble. These past few days actually have been one disaster after another O__O Luckily, it’s gotten exponentially better in the past few days and I feel awesome right now, but let me tell ya, Monday was the worst day I had in a while. Anyways, this is gonna be one heck of a long life update post (interspersed with ranting about stuff!)

First of all, the PTCAS program absolutely SUCKS. It’s terrible. It’s got vague instructions that only confuse and multiple times I’ve had to scramble because I thought I didn’t have to something only to figure out that I NEED it desperately by a certain date. It’s awful guys. In addition, I asked someone to write a letter of recommendation for me and the email that she needed to get into in order to submit the letter didn’t work. It wouldn’t let her access the email and so she couldn’t write her letter. So, I emailed PTCAS telling them about the problem and they never replied back. I waited for 10 days (though the website said that they should get back to you in three days) and then I sent a nudge email and waited another five days for that and NOTHING. Literally NOTHING. I got a confirmation email that told me PTCAS received my email and would reply in three days and then nothing. They were useless and I’m so mad about this because I desperately needed help and I didn’t get it. To make it all worse, I was in Europe this whole time and couldn’t even call the help line to get in touch and there were nights when I couldn’t sleep because when I was lying there in bed, all I could think about was about all these things that I needed to do and not be able to do any of it because PTCAS hadn’t contacted me. I hate PTCAS with the force of a thousand… hungry lions and fiery hell fire. Then, when I got back home, I called them first thing Monday morning and again they were useless–the representative I talked to had nothing to say that helped me and then proceeded to freak me out by telling me I should have submitted my application a month ago even though the due date says it’s October 1st (today!)!! I don’t know what that was about but I had a terrible moment of panic and fury. But I called the school I was applying to and they told me that that wasn’t the case and that as long I submitted by the due date (October 1st) that I will be fine. Seriously, why is PTCAS giving out false information??? I mean, if you’re working for them and at the help center, shouldn’t you know what you’re talking about? Ugh, if I sound angry, it’s because I am! I have never used such a terrible program/company before like this and I just can’t believe that so many people are using this system to apply and yet they’re so inefficient and terribly set up.

Another thing to go wrong? The person I requested a letter from, who agreed to write me a letter and everything, didn’t come through. It might be because of the technical difficulties that she decided that maybe it wasn’t worth all the work, but I was relying on her for a letter and she totally blew me off. Um, yeah, honestly, it sucks that she had technical difficulties, but really?? I emailed her multiple times and she didn’t even reply–it was just a whole bunch of nothing. So I had to scramble big time and two days before the deadline, I had to ask my current supervisor to write me a letter (who is totally isn’t happy with me–but I’m going to get to that later), which fortunately she agreed to and submitted without problem.

So overall, lots of stuff going wrong, mainly due to the suckage of PTCAS, but I’m happy to say that I’M DONE!!!! I submitted everything yesterday!! Well, okay, so not everything is done yet. I still have to apply directly to the schools and fill out some supplemental applications for that, but it’s not due for another month and it should be a lot easier than what I’ve done (except one school who is asking for THREE more essays–whyyyyyyyy????). Anyways, it’s good to be done and have that off my shoulders, because boy, was it not fun!

Okay, so the next thing. I got a new job!!!! It’s another aiding job at a different physical therapy clinic. The whole thing actually happened really fast and I’m still a little thrown off by how everything turned out, but I think I’m really pleased by what’s happened. So, I applied for this new job because I wanted to work more with orthopedics type therapy and right now I’m mainly working for a therapist who specializes in Head, Neck, and Jaw stuff. Ideally, I wanted to keep working at both places and get experience with both therapists, but I asked my current supervisor if it would be a conflict of interest and she told me it would (which is a shame because the other clinic was willing to let me work at both places). It was pretty weird though because I didn’t say that I was leaving or anything (I simply asked if it would be a conflict of interest), but immediately she was like, “I’m going to need your letter of resignation.” It wasn’t, “If you decide to take this new opportunity, you’re going to have to resign.” So remember when I said my supervisor wasn’t happy with me? It turns out that she’s pissed over the whole scheduling fiasco from a few weeks back. I wrote a panicky blog post on this probably a month or so ago telling you guys that my supervisor asked me to work some shifts because one of our girls left and there was no one to fill her spot and I said yes. But then later, I remembered that I was going to Europe for two weeks and told her the next day that I could fill any shifts before and after, but not while I was on vacation (obviously). I texted all the other aides and asked if they could cover any of the shifts (which is what we do when we need coverage) and NONE of them even replied to my text. I’m actually really mad about that too because I’ve covered for all of them multiple times and they didn’t even text back. They just ignored my texts. Anyways, I obviously couldn’t find anyone to cover and to be honest, it really wasn’t my job to find coverage anyway because I told my supervisor I couldn’t work THE NEXT DAY. So I was pissed that she told, “YOU need to find coverage”, when it was really her job (okay, and when we can’t find any coverage, we’re supposed to be able to come to her and ask for help–so either way…) But I couldn’t find any coverage and so I told her multiple times that I couldn’t find anyone and she didn’t do anything about it and so when Saturday rolled around and I had to leave for freakin’ EUROPE. Yeah, I did leave. And that’s the reason she’s not happy with me. Literally, because I went on vacation. (Yeah, sorry that I didn’t cancel my trip to Europe that we’ve planned for over a year so that I can work for you instead. Work or Europe, work, or Europe… That’s a hard decision… Bahahahaha).

Which leads me to a life lesson that my mom told me. After I told her that my supervisor was mad at me for going to Europe, she told me that when you’re too accommodating and always say yes when people ask for help, that they take you for granted and when they get used to you always saying yes and agreeing to do what they ask, that when you say no, even just once, that they’ll resent you for it. (Which is odd because you’d think it’d be the opposite). Aaaaaaand, I gotta say, I do think it’s true in my experience. I feel like I was a pretty good employee–sure I had flubs here and there–but I do feel like I did my best to help out when I could or when they asked, but apparently . My mom said that it took her a loooooooong time to figure this out and she advised me that next time, be as accommodating as you want but draw a line. Don’t go leaping or out of your way to accommodate someone else. It sounds really weird, but I think I understand that. So yay!! Here’s your nugget of wisdom for this fine Friday morning!

Other disaster to occur during the past week: The tire on my car blew up on the freeway. Luckily, we were all right and no one hurt or anything, which I am so grateful for. My tire, on the other hand, was completely shredded and the rim was entirely ruined, too. It’s all better now though, but it definitely wasn’t fun having to get my car towed.

Like I said, this week has been filled with serious ups and downs, but it looks like it’s leveling off now!! I start training with my new job on Tuesday, my PT applications are all done, I got to have Thudnight with all my writing buddies last night and I had sooooooo much fun talking to them about all things life, writing, and reading related (phew, and after that crazy week, I seriously needed it!!). I’m going to see Leigh Bardugo tonight and therefore I will be binge-reading Six of Crows today (which I have heard AHMAAAAHZING stuff about) and, best of all, I’m going to be able to write again!! I haven’t written in about a month and a half? Edging on two months?

I got this SUPER AWESOME idea for a Cinderella retelling. I’m really excited about it. Like with most ideas, I have no clue when I’m going to have time to work on it, but I REALLY want to. It’s kind of a sad and tragic story and I’m so in love with it!!! I love my Cinderella so much and even though what she’s been through and what she’s going through breaks my heart, I can’t help but love this story so much! And don’t worry, I have a nice happily ever planned for her, so she’s not going to suffer forever, but it’s still really sad. Haha, I told Christine about my idea and she was like, “That’s so tragic,” and it was weird because having someone else say that made me really sad, but also really happy because I love tragic things–tragic and beautiful–and it got me thinking in the right direction. But I feel like I have such a clear idea of where I want to go with this story and I know exactly what tone/feel I was to convey and I even have the narrator’s voice (!!!!!) which doesn’t happen to me all the time. Anyways, I think this is vastly different from all the other story ideas I have or the other things that I’ve written, but I really really really love it, if you couldn’t already tell. I might allow myself to indulge in it a little more before I dive back into revisions for my Faery Story. Haha, in fact, I may have obsessively pinned a bunch of stuff last night….

Wow, this is a super long blog post, but I guess it only makes sense since I’ve been gone for so long. Hope you guys didn’t mind the ranting too much and if you did, well hey! No one’s forcing you to read this!! 😀 😀 😀 But yay!! I think I’m going to have breakfast now. Oh! And really random aside–I think I really like black and red tea now. I drank it when I was in London and I don’t know if my taste buds have changed (probably) since I didn’t really enjoy those flavors before, but now I’m DIGGING IT. So off for more tea and breakfast!!!

Thanks for listening to my rambles guys!!! See ya!!


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