By the End of the Year Goals

I’m a posting monster today!!! Well, ya see, we were having THUDNIGHT yesterday and one of my friends Katy mentioned how she liked resetting her goals during the fall and just kind of reevaluating everything that’s happened since the new year! Well, I REALLY liked that idea, because as you guys know, I LOOOOOVE making schedules and goals and plans!!! So I thought I’d post kind of “By the End of the Year Goals” (as is obvious by the title of this post.)

1. Finish revisions on Faery Story

After finishing those first round of revisions back in… the middle of August? (OMG HAS IT BEEN THAT LONG YES IT HAS!), I haven’t been back to the story. I meant to take a little break, but then so many things–mainly the Europe trip and PT applications–got in the way and I haven’t had any time to write! Of course, I’m also starting a new job now, so I have no idea how much time suckage that will be, but I’m hoping I’ll still have lots of time to write. It’s been weird not doing any writing for the past month and a half, but it’s also nice in that it’s given me a lot of time to brainstorm and do some major thinking about my story. I have some new world building things I want to add and as you guys know, I’ve been doing a lot of deep-thinking about my characters and their base needs, motivations, and goals and all that and I do think that it’s going to help strengthen my story. Of course, I have more brainstorming to do, but I think once I get head down and really start to work on it, it should be okay.

Annnyyywaaays, I want to go slower I think with these revisions and really take the time to get the story right. So, my goal is to finish these next round of revisions by the end of the year and maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll be able to send them off to my darling CPs and writing buddies get their intake on everything? Who knows!! But that would be AWESOME!

Huh, you know, I’m trying to think of more goals that I want to reach, but… I don’t think I have any more!! I really just want to focus on this story right now and get it into a place that I like, so maybe that’s really all I need!!! I just like having a place to formally announce my goal, so there it is!! My goal that I will do my best to meet!!!

All righty, gotta get ready for the Leigh Bardugo event tonight!!! See ya!


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