Bon Voyage!

So I am just about 40 minutes away from taking off to the airport for my trip to Europe!! I’m super excited for this trip and have been looking forward to it all year! First stop will be to Edinburgh, Scotland and from there we’ll be going to London, Brussels, and Paris! WOO!! SO EXCITED! I probably won’t be updating my blog too much, but I’ll definitely be posting pictures on my Instagram and stuff!

I’m a little worried about my dog, who is going to be home alone for a day (my dad and brother are in Los Angeles right now and they’ll be coming back tomorrow). It won’t be long and I know he’s going to be fine since it’s for a short period of time, but what can I say? I still worry for him. I tried setting up a doggy camera thing, but it didn’t really work as planned, but I think it should be okay. I also gave him a bucketload of food and set out two bowls of water and he has his doggy pee pad things, so at least preparations are complete! We did consider taking him to boarding, but he hates it there and it’s expensive and it was only for a day, so all in all, this probably is the better option. If he wasn’t so barky, it would have been nice to have someone dog-sit him for a little, but unfortunately he loves barking (and occasionally biting!)

Anyways, I feel like the next few weeks (possibly months) are going to be busy ones for me (seriously, when am I going to write???!!!!!!) I still have all the essays to complete for my physical therapy applications, the first of which is due October 1st (which is only five days after I get back from vacation–*gulp*). So that’s what I’m going working on during the long, long plane ride (*sarcastic YAY!*). I’m also reading some amazing stuff for my CPs (Hi Christine! Hi Laura!) and will be doing that on the plane as well, which will be much more fun than my essay….

I also have a somewhat extensive reading list! I’m planning on reading Persuasion by Jane Austen (reading classics on long vacations has sort of become an unofficial tradition of mine) and I’ve also got Another Day by David Leviathan, The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, and The Martian by Andy Weir lined up to be read on my handy-dandy Kindle! I also have Game of Thrones and Outlander on my Kindle, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get to those yet. We’ll see!!

All righty, then!! I’m off!!! See ya guys in a couple of weeks!!!


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