More Sisterhood Questions!!

So, apparently I really like answering questions!! I had so much fun with Amanda’s last time, that I decided to answer some more questions–this time from Janella!!!

1. Who’s your favorite Disney princess and why?

Merhhh, tough question!!! Hmm… I think (as much as I love Tangled and The Little Mermaid) I’m going to with Mulan!!! She is just SO COOL!!! Like seriously, going into the army to save her father, pretending to be a guy, knowing that she could be killed???? Oh, and plus, saving China was pretty cool, too!! But I LOVE that movie and Mulan is such a great heroine. (Although, I guess TECHNICALLY she’s not a princess… But that’s an oversight most people seem to forgive! 😀 )

2. What’s a fun fact that nobody knows about you?

Nobody knows about me???… Hmm… I’m the only one in my entire family that doesn’t wear glasses/corrective lenses!! I’m inordinately proud of it, too!! Also, it’s probably a good thing because I look pretty terrible in most glasses because I think I have a weird face and head shape!! Haha!

3. Which Hogwarts House do you belong in? (Blended House names are also acceptable)

I actually took the “official” Pottermore test that JK Rowling made and was super surprised to see that I was sorted into Gryffindor. I always thought I’d be Hufflepuff, so I was definitely taken aback by that! GO RED AND GOLD!!!!

4. What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned in your own writing process/journey to publication?

Uhh… Let’s see… I think the most surprising thing might be how much you learn how to write, by simply writing. When I first decided to write a book, I had NO CLUE how to do it. I was at a complete loss. I read a ton of writing blogs and emailed authors (who were so nice to email me back) to try and figure out how to write a book. But as scary as it is, the only way to really learn is to just take the plunge and go for it!! I don’t think writing can really be taught. I think it’s something you experience and then learn and grow more confident in! And the same thing happened when I started revising. I had NO IDEA what I was supposed to be doing. I did the same thing–read blogs, ask questions, ask my friends–but ultimately, you really learn, you’ve just got to do it. And now, I feel so much more confident! I KNOW I can finish a first draft. I KNOW I can revise that first draft and just knowing that I can do it has helped me so much!

5. Which track is currently the most-listened-to song on your iTunes?

PFT!!!! Style by Taylor Swift, I think, with Out of the Woods, as a close second!! Hahah, it’s at like 600 something repeats or something like that!!

6. Given the choice, would you rather sell one huge-deal book in your entire career, or a bunch of books considered mediocre in the eyes of the public?

I think a bunch of books considered mediocre–mainly because I have so many book ideas that I want to write and I really want to write all of them!! One huge book deal might be nice, but I’m so distractible and ADD, I think I would get tired of writing about the same book for too long.

7. If you were given the choice of immortality, would you take it?

YES MA’AM, I MOST CERTAINLY WOULD!!! Too little time, not enough time to do things!! With immortality, that wouldn’t be a problem!!! I could laze around all day and not feel panicked or guilty about it!!! 😀

8. What’s the most essential part of your writing routine?

JANELLA!!! What is it with all these great questions???? The most essential part of my writing routine… I think I would have to go with discipline. I have a very strict schedule that I like to keep. I LOOOOOVE schedules and planning and lists, so naturally, I make a schedule and goal for my writing each day. I like to get up early and get to writing, purposefully scheduling breaks and mealtimes, and it really helps me stay on track with writing and meeting my word count goals! Without a schedule, I can fall apart pretty easily. I know some people say that they don’t write everyday, but I KNOW if I did that, I would only end up writing a few words here and there and never get anything done!

9. If you could live in any fantasy world, what would it be?

Another hard question… Maybe the world from The Wrath and the Dawn?? The world building was actually something that really spoke to me when I read it–it’s so rich and beautiful that I was inspired by it. So maybe there?? I don’t know… There are so many cool fantasy worlds!!!

10. What’s the most valuable piece of advice from you or another author that you can give to an aspiring writer?

NEVER FORGET WHY YOU LOVE WRITING!!! I actually have a motivational post I’ve been meaning to write up, but the main gist of it is don’t ever forget why you love writing and why you started it in the first place!! It’s so easy to get caught up with publishing and rejections and not being good enough, but in the long run–who cares?? Who cares if you’re good or not?? Who cares if you get published?? Those things ultimately don’t matter. You write because you love it and because it makes you happy–THAT’S the important part!!! DON’T EVER FORGET THAT!!! (Woo, I think #REDERIN may have made an appearance there!!)

One thought on “More Sisterhood Questions!!

  1. janellaa says:

    YAYYY MORE ANSWERS AND I LOVE THEM ALL!!! Also, I think you’re the first person I know who’s chosen immortality! Now that I think about it, as a fellow lazy person, lazing about forever does sound pretty nice . . . 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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