Things are HAPPENING!!!

So lots of things have been happening (as you can probably surmise from the title of this post), which is somewhat odd for me because I feel like very, very little goes on in my life. But here’s what’s been going on!

1. My dog was pretty sick this past Wednesday. We have NO idea why! But he was having pretty intense seizures and throwing up and losing control of his bladder, and all kinds of stuff. So we took him to the vet to see what was going on and he got bloodwork done as well as a couple of x-rays and other tests, but seems everything was unremarkable and nothing unusual was going on. I was super worried for a while there, because he is old (11 years!!!), but fortunately, he seems to be back to his usual bouncy, barky, perky self!! I’m still kind of worried, if only because he’s old and we couldn’t figure out why he was sick, but for the most part, he seems better so my worries are dimmed. The only thing that concerns me now, is that when we went to the vet, they told us Tiger (my dog) had lost TWO pounds!!! Okay, so in human terms that doesn’t seem so bad, but considering he was only six pounds to start with… Yeah, so he lost a third of his weight, which was super worry-making! So now my goal is to fatten him up!! We’ve been giving him chicken and broth, so hopefully that’ll help!


Whoops! So I wrote the paragraph above yesterday, but then got distracted and didn’t finish. And well, it seems I have spoken too soon, my friends. My dog threw up at 6am this morning and UGH, it was on my bed. Yeah… So I had to clean that up, which was disgusting because it was everything he’d eaten for the past two days. But the doctor prescribed him some anti-nausea medication that’ll hopefully stop that. (She gave it to us Thursday, but since he wasn’t throwing up, I held off giving it to him–well! We know how that ended!! 😀 )

Also, it’s kind of funny, but Tiger (my dog) keeps throwing up or peeing on CARPET. I mean, he threw up on the shaggiest, most rugged, hardest-to-clean rug ever!! I don’t know why he does this or if it’s even a conscious decision on my part, but it kind of makes me laugh that he chooses the worst places ever to do his stuff. Hahah, of course, I’ve got to clean that, so it’s a little less laughable, but I still think it’s kinda funny.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.36.39 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.37.39 AM

2. I got to hang out with my friends Friday (Pioneer Day)! It was a lot of fun! We watched fireworks and went crazy with a bunch of sparklers!! We actually were supposed to go see Inside Out (which I have been DYING to see), but OH DEAR, we had, as my friend called it, an “EPIC COMMUNICATION FAIL”. I ended up going to a movie theater half an hour away from my house. My friend ended up at another movie and my other friend thought we were meeting Saturday and was at Cafe Rio. Hahaha, so yeaaaaah. Did not work out. But regardless, we had a lot of fun just hanging out!! And we agreed to watch Inside Out when it came to the dollar theaters!  😀

(For the record, we agreed to meet at the theater I was at. I’m being smug, but I can’t help it!!)

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.37.16 AMScreen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.37.24 AM


Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.38.55 AM

ISN’T IT AMAZING???!!! SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH–that’s me!!!! As you can tell, I am SO EXCITED!!! I seriously never thought Sarah would come to Salt Lake City! I met her just a little over a year ago at the LA Times Book Festival, but I’m dying to see her again and get the rest of my books signed!!

Funny story: When I saw that she was coming here, I literally freaked. I was actually taking a test at the time (online) and decided to take a break when I saw her tour announcement! I started screaming and jumping up and down and going crazy (as usual).

And then I tweeted this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.56.01 AM

And look who favorited!!! YUP!!! 😀 None other than the amazing Sarah J. Maas!!!

But continuing on. We were having lunch a couple hours later and my brother turns to my mom and asks, “Were you screaming earlier??” Hahahaha, turns out that was moi. Haha, my little excited scream apparently woke my brother up (who was upstairs in his room). I am shamefully unashamed of that! 😀

So, I’m gonna go buy my tickets soon! And I think there might be a books per person limit, so I’ll have to ask the bookstore about that too! But SO EXCITED!!!! Last time I met her, I acted like a total blubbering idiot, shaking and all, so hopefully I’ll be a little more in control this time, but I can’t guarantee it. But of course, Sarah being the most amazing person ever, did a very good job of not seeming freaked out at my weirdness!

4. This is actually what’s not been happening, and unfortunately, that would be WRITING. With my dog being sick and having homework, a test, and an essay due soon, I barely got any writing done this week!! EEK! Luckily, that’s hopefully what I’m going to be working on today!! I’m revising my Chapter 4! I still don’t know how fast I can work during revising, so I’m having a hard time setting goals, but I’m hoping that once I get into the groove of things, I’ll figure out what kind of pace I work at and be able to see from there.

5. Yay!! My Big Bang CD came this week!! I’m so excited!! My obsession with Big Bang has grown stronger and more obsessive than ever!! I’ll probably need to do a separate post on this, but OMG SO OBSESSED!! I’ve particularly been obsessed with this song….

WOW FANTASTIC BABY!! I think it might become my new catchphrase, hahaah!! This song (as well as other Big Bang songs) have been looping around my head constantly these days. I’ve been going around singing BOOM SHAKALAKA BOOM SHAKALAKA and right now (literally RIGHT NOW) I have Bae Bae stuck in my head.

(And OMG, not kidding, guys, my mom JUST started singing Bae Bae!! What’s happening???!!!)

So that’s been my life these past few days!! I’m determined to get more writing done this next coming week and hopefully actually see some progress!!!

That’s it for today!! (Need to get to revising!) Bye!!


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