Happy Sunday

I love Sundays! For me, they’re laid-back, calm, and relaxing… Sort of, I usually reserve Sunday for nothing but staying at home, getting work done, doing last minute things before the next Monday, and generally I can count on Sunday to be completely free–as in–no commitments, no obligations, no nothings!

The past few days have been going pretty well!! My hip flexors are completely healed (I can walk up the stairs again!!), my sunburn is no longer hurting like a pit of burning fire (it is peeling; the worst of it is over, but for a while there, I thought my entire skin was going to slough off–sorry, TMI), and my cold is almost completely gone (just a bit of a croaky cough and the stuff/runny nose here and there!)

I’m still working on re-outlining my story, but I am almost done!! I’m sooooo close! If I work hard, I might be able to finish today (so why I am writing up this blog post, talking to you nerds?? Beats me! Haha, you know I kid :)), but it is a little ambitious, so I may need another day or two to completely wrap things up! But either way, I’m really excited/nervous/scared that I’m going to be starting officially on my revisions. I have a lot of rewriting/writing to do, but it’s all for the best! I love my story 100% more now and I can’t even believe I was arrogant/naive/stupid enough to believe that not a lot would change in these first round of revisions. That said, I am a little nervous about making my end of August deadline (especially since one of my good/awesome/lovely CPs, who is also revising, suggested we do Pitch Wars, which is mid-August)… So yeah, not entirely sure it’ll be a plausible goal, but I’m up for the challenge!! We’ll see how it pans out!!

In other news, I fell off the wagon and went on another book-buying binge. In my defense, Barnes and Nobles keeps sending me coupons!! What am I supposed to do?? I resisted for a few weeks now, but they finally got me. Here’s what I got!!


I actually went to BN to get The Heart of Betrayal by Mary Pearson (which is an AWESOME book by the way, that you should read!), but all of the copies there had smooshed corners and whatnot, and my OCD is strong enough that I didn’t want to buy them unless they were pristine, perfect copies with sharp corners. So I opted for these! I’m reading The Summer of Chasing Mermaids right now and I’m really looking forward to it!! I love anything–anything–to do with mermaids! I’ve read a many a mermaids books, but I’m still looking for THE ONE. So crossing my fingers!! 😀 Speaking of, if anyone has a mermaid book recommendation, I would LOVE to hear!! 🙂 Has anyone read any of these books? I’ve heard lots about all of them, so I’m SUPER excited!

I also washed my dog today, as I do most Sundays. He escaped sometime ago last week and he likes wandering around our neighbor’s yard, but he got this disgusting gum/tar/sap/I have no idea thing on his paw and it was just totally crusted over. Anyways, since I was sick last week, I didn’t get a chance to wash him, so that was definitely a priority today. So after cutting the big chunks of grossness off his paw, I had to use Goo Gone for the littler pieces between his paws (Thank God for Goo Gone–it’s a life saver on multiple platforms!) And now, washed, he’s nice and fluffy and his beautiful cute self!! (I had to tie his hair up cause it was getting too long! :))

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 7.39.09 PM

All right, I should stop messing around on the blog and get back to work!! Hopefully with a couple hours good work, I’ll be able to get that outline ready to go and ready to write!! Wish me luck!! :))


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