I Have a Problem


So, I know posted just yesterday, but I just hhaaaave to say something!! I went to Jessica Day George’s book event tonight for her new book Silver in the Blood! Which sounds pretty good, right?? UM, sort of…

Usually, I see my friend at these YA book events–that’s actually where we met! And for some reason, we haven’t been keeping in contact well enough to be like, “Let’s go to this one.” It’s more like we show up and then happen to see each other there like, “HEY! It’s you again! :)”

Anyways, I’m pretty sure I’m cursed because every time she doesn’t show up to one of these book events, I run into this kid from my high school. For normal people I’m sure this is no problem, but OMG I am NOT normal. I’m SUPER awkward! Awkward is my super power–seriously, you do not want to be stuck in a room alone with me (unless we’re friends, of course! No worries, guys! :))

HAAAAA! So yup. It happened again tonight. Yes–again! It happened a couple of months ago at the David Levithan book event I went to and I was going to mention my curse then, but I forgot about it and then it was already in the past. It was somewhat embarrassing too, because I’m sure it was REALLY obvious I was trying to avoid this kid–not cause he’s a jerk or anything–like I said–*points to self* AWKWARD! But no! The curse is stronger than ever! Part of me wants to go up to him and be like WHY DO YOU KEEP COMING HERE? THIS IS MY SANCTUARY!! But I have a feeling that would not go over well. Hahaha. Luckily tonight, my avoidance skills were ninja enough for me to not have to interact with him (which sounds terrible, I know!!) or it’s possible that he was also quietly pretending he didn’t see me either! For most of the talk, I was blissfully unaware anyway because he was sitting behind me… Ahhhh, I have problems!

Anyways, I just thought that was painfully hilarious, so I thought I’d mention it–you know, get it off my chest! Maybe someday, somehow I’ll be able to break the curse! Or even better, maybe I’ll just stop being awkward–though that does sound pretty unlikely….

Also, another weird thing happened: I saw a peacock on my way back home from the event. Yes–a peacock! I don’t know what it was doing or if it had fled from the zoo, Madagascar style, but I was looking out my window and there it was–just pecking at the grass, walking along the sidewalk. It was strange. My mom is joking that I’m hallucinating because I took medicine for my cold (ugh, yes, I have a cold right now–it sucks). But it’s true! I saw it! It was there!

So now I know for a FACT that the universe is trying to tell me something. (I’m not sure what yet?? Get over my fear of talking to my old high school people??)

Hahaha, okay, I’m going to quit while I’m still ahead… Thanks for humoring me on my weird social awkwardness adventures! 😀 I’m gonna go do some more outlining/brainstorming work on my story now!


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