Goal Refreshment


Hmm, I’m realizing now that ‘goal refreshment’ makes it sound like I’m making some kind of drink. Haha, that wasn’t my intention, so let me explain: Since over half the year is already over (AAAH! WHAT?) I thought I would refresh and update some of the goals I had for this year (because, if you guys didn’t know already know, I love making goals, plans, schedules–you name it!)

1. Revise my current WIP (Faerie Story) into tip-top shape! I don’t know exactly how long it’ll take me to finish this first round of revisions, but I’m guesstimating perhaps… 2-3 months? So ideally, I would like to be done with my second draft around the end of August or September. Who knows how that will pan out, but it’s a goal!

2. Draft new project. I’m preeettty sure I know what my next project’s going to be, though I guess it could still change. I’m really excited about it. It’s another YA fantasy (high), but it’s going to be really different from the rest of my projects, in that the setting is something I haven’t done before. I’m hoping with brainstorming/outlining, it’ll probably take about three months or so to get the first draft?

3 . Revise WIP #2, which would be my Beauty and the Beast retelling that I finished the first draft for not too long ago. I’m probably going to let this stew for a while before I get back into it–hence why I’ll probably draft my new project!

Okay, so these are some pretty intense goals. I’m almost definite I won’t be able to get to all of them by the end of this year and I’m okay with that. I just like to see where I’m going. And depending on how I feel after I revise my Faerie Project, I may or may not switch up drafting the new project and revising my Beauty Story. Or I might have to switch up EVERYTHING 😀 Not sure yet, so we’ll just have to see.

All righty, those are my refreshed goals! Happy Friday!


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