A Perfectly Reasonable Book Haul and Intense Obsession with Uprooted

Guess what, guys??

I didn’t forget to go to class today!! Woo hoo!! Haha, that really shouldn’t be that big a deal, but still… 🙂

Class was good! We went through some of the definitions of what abnormal psychology is and a whole bunch of introductory stuff, but I think it’ll be a good class. I’m really looking forward to it actually and the entire subject is really interesting to me, so good sign, right? Plus, I’ll be trying to look for ways I can implement these new concepts and things I learn into my writing, so that’s a bonus! 😀

Anyways, this weekend I went to my lovely independent bookshop and ended up getting a crapload of new books! I really shouldn’t have spent that much considering I’m basically broke (ah!), but apparently I have no self-control! In my defense, they were having their semi-annual sale, which is SUCH a great deal! Seriously, it’s like 30% off hardcovers; 40% off if you buy three or more–which I totally did. See what temptations I had to deal with???

And on top of all that goodness, I went to Costco, where it turned out new awesome books had come in. And I cannot resist buying books from Costco because they’re so cheap!

So, in essence, this is what happened….


Yup… That’s right, thirteen books in one weekend… Eh! Worse things have happened! 😀

I got the Mistborn Trilogy, P.S. I Still Love YouBroken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to MendRevenge, Ice Cream, and Other Things Best Served Cold at Costco (woah, long titles) and UprootedThe Invasion of the Tearling, The Princess Bride, Prudence, Madame Bovary, Anna Karenina,and A Thousand and One Nights at my local bookstore!

And MY GOODNESS PEOPLE!!! You absolutely MUST read Uprooted by Naomi Novik! HOLY COW! I started this book last night and I’m only on Chapter Three, but it is SO GOOD! It’s really rare that a book hooks me from that early on, but I’m so in love with this book already! Omg, I cannot get over how beautiful Uprooted is!!

I grabbed it because I’ve been hearing so many good things about it and considering I am one huge fan of fairytales/retellings, I decided I would buy it. UGGHHHHHH, it was such a good decision!! One of the ladies that works there was telling me she loved it and she was right!

It reminds me of Robin McKinley’s Beauty, but… I think might even like Uprooted even more! It’s got that same gorgeous style of writing and storytelling… I just can’t explain to you how much I love this book! I’m so excited to see what happens and for sure, I’m going to be buying all of Naomi Novik’s books!!!


Okay, Erin out!

Thanks for reading!! :)))


7 thoughts on “A Perfectly Reasonable Book Haul and Intense Obsession with Uprooted

  1. erinkbay says:

    Omg!!! I need to read it!! I love the movie though and the cashier lady was telling me the movie was a pretty good adaptation!!! I can’t wait!!! 😀 (Also, I think the book is so beautiful, I keep looking at it!)


  2. Erika says:

    The Princess Bride is great! Some people say that the movie adaptation was better, but I haven’t watched it so I can’t say I agree. However the book is not a disappointment!!

    I love those editions that you have of Anna Karenina, Madame Bovary, and A Thousand And One Nights. I’ve wanted some books in those particular edition. I’m sure they look so great on your shelf!! 🙂


    • erinkbay says:

      Aaah!! So good to hear!! I’m really excited to read it! And the movie is awesome!!! I would definitely recommend it!! 😀

      Thanks so much!! Aren’t they beautiful?? They’re the Penguin Classics and I’m super excited to be able to add them to my collection I’ve got going on :))) !!

      Liked by 1 person

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