LDStorymakers 2015 Recap: Part 2


Because I’m apparently way too long-winded, I split up my LDStorymakers into two posts! Here’s Part 1 if you missed it! :)) And here’s the rest of it here!

Courtney Alameda (Author of Shutter)

photo 5

Courtney Alameda waving to us! Isn’t she adorable??

I ended up going to two of Courtney Alameda’s classes! She is a great presenter and so so cute! She is super peppy and full of energy, which is always great to have during a presentation–especially during a long day! The first of her classes that I went to was called Amateurs Borrow, Professionals Steal, which basically talks about how every artist, whether that person is a writer, singer, painter–whatever–steals.

Everyone has inspirations and things that have influenced you whether or not you are aware of it! In essence, it was a presentation on the topic of No Original Thought. Courtney used a lot of examples from literature including JRR Tolkein, JK Rowling, and William Shakespeare and she did a really great job of explaining her own influences/inspirations as well, like… How her book (Shutter) draws on the myth of Dracula, how she has always loved horror stories (she’s read Stephen King from a young age), how she loves Lara Croft and loves video games! I totally agree with the concept that there is No Original Thought and I thought Courtney’s presentation was a great one explaining this idea as well as adding on her own thoughts to it. She also encouraged everyone to think about what their influences might be, which got me thinking… And I’m still thinking about what my influences must be and I think I’ll actually devote an entire post to this, because I do think it’s a really interesting subject.

The second class I went to was a class of verbs called Verb-Fu (like kung fu, get it? Haha!) Although I liked her class a lot, there were things that I didn’t necessarily agree with–mainly because of my own personal preference when it come to writing, as I tend to like description. I still loved the class though and I find myself thinking about her class when I’m writing! She talked a lot about how specific use of verbs can really add a kick to your writing! For example, using She sprinted vs. She ran very quickly (okay, that’s a bad example, but you get the point!) And lots of stuff like that that can really enhance your writing. After taking Courtney’s classes, I’m definitely going to read her book! (I actually went to a Fierce Reads book event, which included Courtney, last week and I got to talk to her and get my book signed! :)))

Author Chat with Jennifer Nielsen, Brandon Mull, James Dashner, and J. Scott Savage

photo 2 Left to Right: James Dashner, J. Scott Savage, Brandon Mull, and Jennifer Nielsen with moderator Sarah Eden.

OMG! This was one of the best panels I have gone to! It was so hilarious and it was clear that the authors were great friends with each other (James Dashner and J. Scott Savage are actually best friends!) And as funny as it was, it got pretty real too. James Dashner talked about how it was his friends that got him through the hard times during publishing–when he wanted to give up and stop writing. J. Scott Savage talked about how his series got cancelled, how his numbers were as great as he wanted them to be–and it was such a relief to hear published authors–published authors–and James Dashner people!–talking about how hard things are sometimes and how he pretty much wanted to give up; the times when they thought they were never make it–and I just find that super inspirational, that even the people who are super successful go through the doubts and fears as everyone else.

Anyways, those were the highlights of the conference–my favorite parts and the classes that I enjoyed the most! I hoped this was somewhat informative, but I’m guessing it was just me blabbing more than anything, but…

Thanks if you read! 😀


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