Queen ADD


As the title suggests, today I’ve been Queen ADD. I seriously cannot focus today! I’ve been sitting at my computer for hours and hours, adding a word here and there, but basically I’ve been staring aimlessly or checking Twitter every couple of seconds, but mainly looking up funny gifs and laughing at them maniacally.

So as another method of procrastination, I thought I’d post on my blog about my unfocusedness… But the thing is… I AM SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE WITH THIS DRAFT! Like sooooo close! Like ~3k close! So even though writing is so not working today, I keep sitting here, typing at the speed of a snail, hoping that lightning or inspiration (I’ll take either) will strike and I will suddenly write like the wind! So far, it hasn’t happened, and it’s looking super unlikely, too… Which too bad cause yesterday was AWESOME!

I’m also starting to think Wednesday’s are cursed because the same insane inability to concentrate hit me last week. CURSE YOU WEDNESDAYS! I really hope this is a temporary thing, cause I need my Wednesdays! I don’t know what’s going on.

But I guess I’m just going keep on pounding out the words cause… I really want to finish! And I feel sort of obligated to my story, too.

Either way, I hope things pick up tomorrow. But if I can’t finish today (which is growing more likely with each passing moment), I will DEFINITELY finish tomorrow!

Side note: I’m also going to the dentist tomorrow morning. I got like four reminders for it, so clearly they want me to show. I actually don’t mind the dentist that much, probably because they tell me I have such beautiful teeth and it strokes my ego… Hahah, okay….

Well, I’m off! Back to staring at my word doc….



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