I’m Baaaackkk!!!

Woo hoo!! I am back from my trip in Mexico!!!

And boy… Am I glad to be back in a place where there’s air conditioning and where the temperature isn’t like a hundred degrees all the live long day!!! (I say that affectionately… sort of….)

I’ll have pictures/recap next time (cause I took picture from my camera and I’m too lazy to transfer them onto my computer right now… haha.)

But as nice as vacation is, I’m really glad to be back home–and not just because of the air conditioning. It’ll be nice to get back into routine and everything. I’m also super super, inordinately proud of myself because I was (for the most part) able to keep up with my writing during vacation!! Woo hoo! It was definitely hard, but I just couldn’t stand to see that “minimum number of words to make deadline” keep going up and up! Haha, lately, I feel like that it’s controlling my life–just a little!

Also, I’m really itching to get back into a (somewhat) regular gym schedule. My favorites are pilates and running and not doing that for a couple of weeks has made me feel really lazy and kind of bleh… So yay!! Plus, now that it’s summer, I’m really excited to do some hiking and get up in the mountains! And swimming!!!

And because those darn Barnes and Nobles coupons won’t stop coming (I’ve got two 20% coupons right now–TWO!!!), I think I’ll be buying The Wrath and the Dawn, which I have on hold at the library, but is taking forever. So between that and receiving the coupon, I’ve concluded that fate wants to me buy more books! Woo hoo! (I’m definitely extrapolating, but hey–coupon!) In fact… that’s probably where I’ll be headed after I finish this post! And based on my past experiences, I’ll probably be coming back with another hoard of books! Sigh, it sounds like my TBR will continue to grow exponentially and never stop!

Yay, well thanks for reading!! I’ll be back again! 😀


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