David Levithan Book Event!


I love going to book events! I started going sometime around last year when I realized that my local bookstore has tons of events to go to! It’s awesome being able to meet authors and get my books signed and I have been having so much fun at them! Now, the bookstore people know me by name! Woo hoo!!

This last Tuesday, David Levithan came to talk about his new book Hold Me Closer! I’ll admit: Though I really try to read author’s books before I meet them, it doesn’t always happen. There are so many books to read and with the amount of events there are, it’s hard to keep up with! Anyways, I know David Levithan is the author and co-author of many many books, but I always associate him as the author of Every Day. Every Day is one of those books that I kept going back to, reading the synopsis, but ultimately not reading it because it didn’t really seem like my type of book. So, I’m really glad David Levithan came to my bookstore! I bought a copy of Every Day and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist to get signed and while I was waiting, I opened up Every Day and started reading the first page. And oh my goodness! It sucked me right in! I usually kind of ease into books, but this one caught me right away. I started reading and I didn’t want to stop! I was so absorbed in my reading that I didn’t even know that David Levithan was standing right behind me! I finally stopped when he went up to talk! (I finished Every Day the next day, too!)



Here’s a picture of David Levithan introducing himself and his new book, Hold Me Closer!


David Levithan was so much fun to listen to! He is great at speaking to audiences and he had a bunch of fun stories to tell! I only wish he had had more time to talk some more. David Levithan is very funny and, did you guys know he’s an editor as well? He talked about how he is an editor during the weekdays and he writes only during the weekends! Isn’t that crazy? I totally didn’t know that and I think it’s amazing that he’s able to write with another job and everything (although, admittedly, a lot of authors do the same, which I really respect).


                    photo-2  photo-3


Here are my newly bought copies of Every Day and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist! And then my signed copy of Every Day! Aren’t they beautiful?

By the way, I enjoyed Every Day so much! I think the ending was absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to read Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. I remember one of my roommates was obsessed with this book and after reading Every Day, I have high expectations for it as well as other books by David Levithan!


Well, I’ll see you guys later!!



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