My Favorite Blogs!


I am a huge fan of blogs! I know I don’t update mine very often (sorry), but I do really enjoy having a blog and I very much admire those who really keep up with it. I love reading blogs as well, especially ones related to writing! As such, I thought I would share some of my favorite writing blogs! They are mostly from the authors that I admire as well those that offer a lot of information on craft and writing in general! Okay, here they are!


1. Susan Dennard

Susan Dennard, author of the Something Strange and Deadly series and the upcoming Truthwitch books, is one of my favorite authors! She is amazing and kind and so good to her readers and aspiring writers. I absolutely love her and I recommend her blog to everyone. It has everything! I’ve read every single post she’s written and I love them all! She has written so many posts on craft and writing and what’s it’s like to be a writer. It’s so insightful and she has amazing advice on any subject related to writing you could think of! I really recommend you check out her blog! Also, she has this awesome newsletter that she sends out every other Friday! I love it! I always look forward to it and find myself refreshing my email to see if it’s arrived! (Here’s the link if you want to subscribe:


2. Sarah J. Maas

Sarah J. Maas–another one of my favorite authors! Her blog is so awesome! Again, I think I’ve read through every single post! Her blog is so inspirational and whenever I’m feeling blue about writing, I go to her blog and just read through whichever post catches my eye! And without a doubt, every time, I feel inspired and excited to write after reading her blog! Rather than offer writing advice, I feel like Sarah J. Maas’s blog offers more on how it feels to be a writer. Like I said, I think her writing (whether it be her books or her blog) is so inspirational!


3. Marissa Meyer

Yet another favorite author! I have also read every post she’s written! I love it! Similarly to Susan Dennard, Marissa Meyer’s blog offers a lot of advice on writing! There are so many great posts that I love reading such as her writing process in detail, Day in the Life of a Writer, book goals and book recommendations. Anyways, it’s so much fun reading through her posts!


4. Erin Bowman

I love Erin Bowman’s blog as well! Kind of like all the other blogs I’ve mentioned, I like reading through her posts because it offers advice on writing and what the writing process is like (which I am always interested in!) Some of my favorite posts were the Ready. Set. Go. challenges where Erin Bowman (and other participating authors) would post about their writing and reading goals weekly and mention if they reached their goals. I loved reading those posts and I thought they were inspirational to see authors make writing goals and try to keep to them!


5. Publishing Crawl

I think most people know about Publishing Crawl, but it can’t hurt to mention it again, right? Pub Crawl is a collaboration of a bunch of publishing professionals including writers/authors, agents, editors, and more, talking about things publishing related! They regularly feature guest posts from many people as well, on top of the regular posts! Sarah J. Maas and Susan Dennard used to be regular contributors and Erin Bowman still posts there, I believe!


I’m sure there are other great blogs out there, but these are my absolute favorite ones and ones that I check up on regularly for new posts!

Thanks for reading!! 😀 See ya later!



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