Update: April!


Sorry it’s been so long (what, like almost two months now?)! I’ve been busy writing mostly–basically writing any chance I get! So, I guess it’s time for yet another update!

What I’m Writing:

So, I meant to write this up earlier, but… I FINISHED MY DRAFT!! As you may know, I’ve been working on a high fantasy story (tentatively called OUT OF THE WOODS) and NOW I’M DONE (with this draft at least!) But, oh wow, I’m so happy!! I finished on March 27th, 2015! It feels really good to finally be done with it! Now I’m going to let it sit for a little bit before I get back to it! There’s a lot to fix and tons of stuff that needs to be cleaned up, but I guess that’s a problem for later! Right now, I’m just excited to have finished! Yippee!!!

Anyways, now that I’ve finished with that, I’ve been brainstorming my next project–a Beauty and the Beast retelling! I’m not too far along, but I’m super excited about it. I think I have about maybe… a third of it plotted out? I can’t really tell at this point! 🙂 It’s going to be in first person, which I have never done before–so I’m really excited about it and slightly nervous!

So that’s what’s been going on in the writing front! I’ll probably spend till the end of the month or so brainstorming/plotting this new WIP and maaaybe even get writing in May or something! That’s the goal, but we’ll see what happens!! 😀

What I’m Reading:

So much good reading guys!! I’ve been reading a ton of books and so many have been sooo good!! Here is a list of some of my favorite recent reads!

The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski

I LOVE this book!! It’s absolutely amazing! This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2015 and it definitely fulfilled my high expectations! I think I read it in one sitting–it is SO GOOD! And after reading this, I had to go back and reread The Winner’s Curse as well! I can’t believe I have to wait another year for The Winner’s Kiss to come out!! Why???

Anyways, if you haven’t yet read these books, I highly, highly suggest them!!

The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows

This is another one of my most anticipated reads! I loved this book as well!! I loved the world and the characters and the story, but OH MAN, the dialogue in this is brilliant! The conversations between Black Knife and Wil are incredibly satisfying–with just the right amount of tension and wit and snap to it! I don’t know how she does it, but it’s dazzling dialogue! But besides that, the romance and action were so much fun to read! I love Wil and Black Knife and the problems with the wraith and the magic and everything was so well done! I cannot wait for The Mirror King and the Black Knife novellas to come out!!

Beauty by Robin McKinley

Yay! Since I decided to write a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, I thought it only prudent to read some other retellings that are already out there! I read this when I was a kid and it’s stuck with me every since. I can sincerely say that this is my absolute favorite and the best Beauty and the Beast retelling I’ve read! Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite fairytales, so I’m always on the hunt to find some more, but nothing seems to beat Beauty!

In terms of story, it’s a very true retelling of Beauty and the Beast. It follows the story very well, but has enough little quirks and spins that it’s fresh! I also love the character of Beauty–she’s smart and brave and kind and I think she really embodies the full nature of the character!

Such a great, classic retelling! I think that fans of Goose Girl by Shannon Hale would really enjoy this!

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

My official new book obsession! I am so in love with this book! I honestly didn’t expect to like it much and I never would have guessed that I would become so obsessed! But I LOVE The Bone Season! It was just one of those books that even after I finished, I would keep thinking about and wondering about and reliving scenes in my head! I’ve actually gone back and read my favorite parts in the book and I still have it on my nightstand so that whenever the mood strikes, I can pick it up again! But OMG, it’s soooo good! Samantha Shannon is amazing!! I immediately dived into The Mime Order after this and same thing–love it so much!! I’m so upset that I have wait another year before I can pick up the third one, but it’s definitely going to be one of those books where I stake out in front of the bookstore on release day so I can read it right away!! I cannot wait! Until then, I’ll be rereading the first two religiously!!

My Current Music Obsession:

Who else? TAYLOR SWIFT! I’ve been listening to her new album, 1989, for about… six months, I wanna say? But, wow, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of listening to her! This new record is just fantastic!

And I am in love with Style right now. I was writing one of my very last scenes in OUT OF THE WOODS and this song just popped into my head and I haven’t been able to forget it since. The music is SO epic! And more than that, I got an intense urge to see the music video again and I realized how much it reminds me of my two characters in my project (Leda and Faelan). Just something about their expressions and the emotions in the song really hits me in the core. So naturally, I’ve been playing this on repeat! And just in general, I think this music video is awesome, so… yeah!!! 😀

What I’m Watching:


Yup, still stuck in Friends mode! I actually bought the DVDs–best decision I’ve ever made! I’m having so much fun with them! Yay!!

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt!

As a super fan of Tina Fey, I was super excited when I heard about her new sitcom (made with Robert Carlock)! I watched it as a reward for finishing my draft and I had so much fun! I loved the storyline–it’s completely ridiculous and therefore, I think it’s awesome–and I loved seeing the parallels between 30 Rock (amazing show, by the way!) and Kimmy Schmidt! It’s on Netflix, so I basically binge-watched it in two days and I can’t wait until the next season comes out (which, unfortunately, I hear is next year). But it’s really funny and I recommend to sitcom lovers everywhere!

All right, sorry about the super long post! Kind of got out of hand there! But that’s what’s been going on with me for the last couple of months! 🙂

Thanks for reading!!


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