New Year’s Writing Resolutions!!


Yay!! 2015 is here!! This year is actually a special one for me because I’ve been waiting for 2015 for a long time! I watched Back to the Future as a child and ever since then I’ve been really excited for 2015! After all, that’s when we’re supposed to be riding hover cars and stuff, right?

Anyways, it’s finally here!! And of course, with New Year’s comes New Year’s Resolutions!

I love making goals! I think they’re fun and they give me something to shoot for! I love that they can be a fun challenge! So New Year’s and all, I thought I’d share my writing goals for the new year!

1. Start querying

Like I said in my last post, my YA retelling of Peter Pan that I had been working for the past nine months or so has been revised and revised and revised and is now ready to be query!

2. Work on new WIP

Yay! I also said this on my last post, but I am now in the process of outlining my new project, a YA fantasy! My goal for this project is to finish outlining by the end of January and move onto drafting for February-April and then spend April-July revising! Of course, not everything goes to plan, but that’s the schedule I would like to keep if at all possible!

3. Start new WIP

Hopefully, by July/August or so, I’ll be free to work on yet another project! I have no idea what this next project is going to be, but I’ve got tons of ideas floating around in my head, so once I get closer to this point, I’ll decide what to work on!

So those are my goals for 2015! Of course, along the way, I will probably have to adjust or whatnot, but either way, I’m very excited!!!

Hope everyone has a great new year!!!! 😀


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